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  1. T did more than to the oysters than shuck them.
  2. Oh, my goodness. It's not my birthday, either!! What are the odds?
  3. Ah, yes. Shabba's son is beautiful - second only to my new granddaughter. Not that I'm biased. Enjoy, Shabba.
  4. My Kübler detoured through Kentucky before it arrived in Montana today. Six days, thanks to the brown monkeys. I have had payroll go from Seattle to Southern Cal before, too. Slightly tanned payroll doesn't make the employees happy.
  5. A very pleasant evening, indeed, although I had to leave a bit early to take care of the new granddaughter. Missed the last couple of tastings but maybe next time. T does make a very good classic martini.
  6. In our healthy society of today, I think a lot of flavor is lost in trying to make beef and chicken healthier by cutting out the fat, thus cutting out the flavor. A recipe can be improved by using beef or chicken broth when water is recommended.
  7. Which brings me to an obtuse question. Do you ever wonder if you were to see colors through someone else's brain, would blue be blue and green be green? Or would everything look very strange and psychedelic? I ask this because it seems that everyone has a taste preference and some love the same absinthe that others despise. I have thought about that so often! What if the blue sky was a yellow sky through another person's brain? Green is supposed to be calming, but what if green was red to someone else? Would what we see as red be calming to another person?
  8. Are you trying to say you are not a complex person? Give me a break. I have known you far too long to think that.
  9. I liked it in martinis. Haven't tried it in a G&T, though.
  10. Welcome. BC rocks - although I've never been to your part of BC, just the part north of Montana.
  11. I believe we have met - although you were at the other end of a large table in the restaurant. Wonder why we don't have any sushi emoticons on the forum?
  12. Lange Brewing Company out of Marion, Montana. Very local, but that dude can brew! There's a lot of others I like also. I had a Yungling (probably not spelled correctly) when I was on the east coast a couple of years ago that was marvelous, and Lagunitas is up there, too.
  13. And, perhaps, I will be spelling it correctly. One can hope.
  14. I don't think we have an ovary festival but I'll let you know. The Testical Festival is about 15 miles east of Missoula, a college town. I've never been but I understand it's quite the party. I have, however, had rocky mountain oysters in San Antonio at the Folk Life Festival. It was the beginning of my second divorce. Didn't tell my then husband what he was eating.
  15. Nymph, is this why you weren't in Montana last weekend? http://www.testyfesty.com/
  16. Even though it is too hot, I'm making okra soup. It's not quite gumbo so I refuse to call it that. Bacon, kielbasa, chicken chopped and browned, add Rotel tomatoes and chicken broth, bring to a boil then add okra. Boil then simmer. So simple but I really like it.
  17. Should we believe you this time? Happy birthday. Enjoy the day.
  18. I have used that site before for beer glasses for my son's outdoor - in November - in Montana - wedding. It was a hoot at the reception, which was held at a state park on Flathead Lake. They glowed nicely for several hours. To clarify, the glasses and the guests both "glowed".
  19. Drinkboy, if I put all the traditional ingredience of a martini in a blender with ice, add the traditional olives and serve it to myself (because straight liquor is not good for diabetics) can I call it a martini or should I call it a martinfrappe after my late uncle?
  20. It's hard keeping up with this bunch. As soon as I think of something witty to say, someone has already said it. So I just keep reading, hoping, that sometime soon I will be able to get my two cents in. Welcome.
  21. Welcome. As another newbie, this group can be overwhelming at times, but they are all really nice, even when I quote wrong. The only problem with this website is that if you take a couple of days off to entertain family, you get really far behind. I'm sure you will enjoy the experience. :groupwave reversed:
  22. Nice article. I'm learning more every day.