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  1. A belated Enjoy!!!! You can celebrate for more than one day. Just ask Maggie.
  2. I heard a snippet of that on the radio. Thanks for the more detailed report.
  3. Do you other diabetics put a can of orange juice beside your bed if having a drink in case of an unexpected drop or am I just paranoid?
  4. A Ridge Verte. In honor of new babies - because they can't drink absinthe and someone needs to do it for them. It's a dirty job but I will sacrifice.
  5. "not the 50 cars in a row in the left lane who all think they are not slower traffic!" I resemble that remark!
  6. I remember that girlfriend. It was a sacrificial bunny. You won.
  7. Happy Birthday. It's snowing in Montana for your birthday!
  8. My daughter, who is 23, told me that her first drink was at the age of 13 and given to her by my boss's brother when she shot her first deer. I find that disturbing. It was Coors Lite. I find that a bit comforting. Not real beer, ya know.
  9. People like it think, thin, or in between. Dang, I hate those typos. But maybe, just maybe, gravy does think.
  10. Wow. I can "pass through" so easily! I opened what I though was ground venison but it was back strap. Yummy lunch for me today.
  11. What they all said. You will probably need about 1/4 T of grease for each person and about 1/2 T flour. Does this sound right you "other gravy makers"? I'm so used to doing it by sight, I don't really know. The milk thing is to get it to the consistency you want. People like it think, thin, or in between. Don't be afraid to add extra milk if it's too thick but don't add extra flour if it's too thin after the fact. It lumps.
  12. I lived in San Antonio for 20 years but relocated to Montana in 1997. Welcome to this crazy group.
  13. Gravy is easy but I've never made it with chorizo. Chorizo and eggs I have made plenty of times but not with gravy. How I make gravy with regular sausage is: Brown the sausage - pour off excess grease. Add a couple of tablespoons of flour. Stir together until the flour is slightly brown then add milk a bit at a time until it is the consistency you desire. Salt and pepper to taste, but you may not need either with chorizo. This is something I've made for thirty years. I do it automatically when at the stove so I hope I didn't leave anything out.
  14. Bill! Have you considered a second opinion? I'll give you one. Get another doctor!
  15. Welcome. How do you pronounce your name?
  16. Absolutely beautiful. Out of my price range, but beautiful.
  17. Happy Birthday! Many returns of the day.
  18. "I think just taking a punch of some sort and heating it up enough to melt through the plastic is good enough to make small holes." Don't you guys have a Swiss Army Knife? That is great for making tiny holes in stuff. If you can't do it with a Swiss Army Knife, it doesn't need to be done.
  19. A Plymouth martini. Thanks to a b'day present from T73, Maggie, Silent and the punk.
  20. Thanks again. We had prime rib, drinks and good company with family. What more could you want? Oh, and the granddaughter was very well behaved for the most part. Not too bad for a four and a half month old. Silent behaved, also.
  21. Thanks for the well wishes, everyone! Now off to dinner with my children, granddaughter and Silent.