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  1. Yes, my picture package argued with me tonight but I like the inexpensive two spigot fountain. It works nicely and doesn't take up much room in my little house. Thanks, T.
  2. Orange juice and water. Had a sugar crash. Dang.
  3. Enjoy - as soon as the cake for breakfast wears off.
  4. With lettuce garnish and toast points on the side? Or you could just sprinkle vodka on your BLT.
  5. It was a developed taste for me. Tasting some of the flavors of licorice in absinthe brings that to mind, I think, but once you get past the preconceived notion, there is no comparison to absinthe and licorice . Welcome.
  6. Maybe you should move to Montana. You have too much fun here.
  7. Have you tried Junipero? THat's good, too. I have some of that to share, too. Maybe you should visit Montana again.
  8. Beautiful pictures. I wish I could photograph like that.
  9. You never tried Aviation gin? I have Aviation gin. I'll share.
  10. Another sazerac with T73 and Maggie. That stuff could be habit forming.
  11. A Sazerac and a Blues Coat martini (thanks to T73). They were yummy! Edit: Woops. Sorry T. I was too busy checking spelling to see you beat me to it.
  12. I like Stella, too. I also like the Summit version. They distribute in Montana. Yes, I like beer.
  13. Happened faster than I ever dreamed it would. Woo Hoo.
  14. Made my favorite easy meal tonight. Tortilla Soup. Brown a couple of chicken breast, add a couple cans of chicken broth, add a can or two of Rotel Tomatoes (depending on how much heat you want), simmer. Put in a bowl, add a half a handful of tortilla chips and top with cheese. Put a slice of avocado on top if you wish. Simple, but oh, so good. Have I posted this recipe before? I think I have but, to me, it's worth repeating. Silent calls it "comfort food". My favorite compliment.