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  1. I have read somewhere that the color blue makes one think the portions are bigger than they really are, thus the "blue plate special".
  2. That's what I'm doing, PB. What were we talking about?
  3. This evening it was rib eye, corn on the cob and king crab legs - grilled and eaten on the back deck. My kids and I washed it down with brews from Bitter Root Brewing Company. It is a beautiful day in Northwest Montana.
  4. Well I did it. I made my beer float tonight. Knew some people that went to Russia and reported back that the best dessert they had was very high grade vodka poured over lime sherbert. I think that sounds good but I haven't tried it yet.
  5. I didn't cook it but it sure was tasty. Salmon, green beans with pine nuts and a spinach/avocado/tomato salad with just a hint of extra virgin olive oil, all thanks to T73. Just what a recovering flu person needed. Of course the Ridge Verte and Ridge Blanc that accompanied it certainly didn't deter from the meal.
  6. Mixing with sparkling water or champagne. Pretty and tasty. The best of both worlds.
  7. I thought the cook's April Fool's prank of putting hot pepper juice in the lime Jello today was a good one but you topped it.
  8. A strange French wine called Layer Cake. The vanilla is over whelming. I think I'll wait until I'm off of codeine and try it again. If it doesn't improve, I'll sink it.
  9. Who said I was sick? Maybe I've just started trying new things like the kids at my school do. Really, thanks for your good wishes.
  10. I washed down a Benadryl tablet with a shot of codine cough medicine last night. I slept (was comatose)last nigh. I will probably enjoy the same cocktail this morning.
  11. Lemon-pepper crusted T-bone steak and fresh steamed asperagas with just a small pat of butter. Just what I needed.
  12. I was told once, and I don't remember who told me, that wine with an animal name in it sells better than others. Some kind of marketing stat, if the old timers disease hasn't taken over completely. Maybe that has something to do with it.
  13. I'm sipping a Moose Drool and picturing Polebridge. *sigh* Oh, wow. An absinthe event in Polebridge. What are the possibilities?
  14. Unlike Trid, I wore a green shirt that said, "Life Is Good". Of course, I work at a boarding school and I'm sure admin would have frowned on a shirt that cursed.