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  1. Attack Accountant

    reintroduction: long lost nymph

    Welcome back!
  2. Attack Accountant

    Have a great day Kathy

    Thanks, everyone. I had a wonderful day.
  3. Attack Accountant

    Distillery Wench

    Have a happy day!!
  4. Attack Accountant

    Delurking from Somers, MT

    Welcome. It's nice to have a neighbor here!
  5. Attack Accountant

    She is a Princess and this is her day.

    Happy birthday, Princess! I love you.
  6. Attack Accountant

    Doc's Day

    Happy Day! :groupwave reversed:
  7. Attack Accountant

    Sloooooow cooking'

    Following the advice of the checker at my favorite grocery store, I cooked a roast in nut brown ale. It was yummy!
  8. Attack Accountant

    Attack Accountant's Big Day

    All is well Mat. Come back to visit soon, please.
  9. Attack Accountant

    Baubel's big day!

    Happy Birthday, Little Brother!
  10. Attack Accountant

    Attack Accountant's Big Day

    Thanks everyone!
  11. Attack Accountant

    Vilya Spirits (formerly known as Ridge Distillery)

    = Correct! It was glorious in its terribleness! I was terrible. too!
  12. Attack Accountant

    Vilya Spirits (formerly known as Ridge Distillery)

    I've read a lot here, I've bottled and labeled at every chance I've been given unless the grand child needed something. It's just too cool. And more copper? Outstanding!
  13. Attack Accountant

    Jules is 29!

    Happy birthday, Sis. I know you're having a blast! Couldn't be happier for you!
  14. Attack Accountant

    For Sale: Microdistillery (dont panic)

    It stays nice and warm all day and night down here during the summer. I like it. I couldn't stand a few hours in a Montana winter though. I can add more clothes if it's cold. You can't take off enough if it's too hot. Or at lease I can't. damn quotes
  15. Attack Accountant

    Fountain by Baubel

    Dang. I have comments about this thread, but we all know about my posting ability. To Baub - I thought Jules was the one spewing preban out the nose. To Bill - come visit again. To Baub (again) - I keep my fountain close and safe. I would never take it anywhere I couldn't protect it. I love it. Someday I'll post a picture. But, we know I have posting issues.
  16. Attack Accountant

    Vilya Spirits (formerly known as Ridge Distillery)

    Agreed, Absomphe, including the earlier Buddy Holly times. And every part of the country has it's beauty.
  17. Attack Accountant

    Vilya Spirits (formerly known as Ridge Distillery)

    mbanana.gif geek-out banana especially for Attack Accountant And a geek-out banana back at you Ryan! damn quoting skills.
  18. Attack Accountant

    What ya drinking tonight?

    My fountain is beautiful, thank you very much!
  19. Attack Accountant

    The Gentleman of Verona--Happy Birthday, Mat!

    Dang, I missed it? Oh, well, happy happy, Mat.
  20. Attack Accountant


    Have a happy!
  21. Attack Accountant

    baubel, baubel toil and trouble

    Dang! I missed you birthday! Sorry. Hope it was happy, my friend. Love you.
  22. Attack Accountant

    Vilya Spirits (formerly known as Ridge Distillery)

    I think you were too busy to pay attention.
  23. Anytime someone wishes you love and gives you lots of little dancing smileys with sunglasses on or a thumbs up, it's a good day. Thanks guys.
  24. Attack Accountant

    Why I just banned Bogumil

    My two cents, late as usual, the man in the white hat is one of the most kind, forgiving men I've ever met. I do not question his decision to ban anyone. It is, after all, his forum. And he lets me stay.