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  1. Welcome. It's nice to have a neighbor here!
  2. Following the advice of the checker at my favorite grocery store, I cooked a roast in nut brown ale. It was yummy!
  3. = Correct! It was glorious in its terribleness! I was terrible. too!
  4. I've read a lot here, I've bottled and labeled at every chance I've been given unless the grand child needed something. It's just too cool. And more copper? Outstanding!
  5. Happy birthday, Sis. I know you're having a blast! Couldn't be happier for you!
  6. It stays nice and warm all day and night down here during the summer. I like it. I couldn't stand a few hours in a Montana winter though. I can add more clothes if it's cold. You can't take off enough if it's too hot. Or at lease I can't. damn quotes