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  1. A few bits of cork aren't really going to damage the drink, or it wouldn't be possible to use cork at all. Skunking is the result of degradation of volatile esters by UV radiation. That's why bottles are typically made of dark-coloured glass. (Some American beer uses clear glass bottles because the brewers don't use actual hops, they use light-stable hops extracts.) The worst you'll have to deal with is a few annoying bits in your drink from time to time.
  2. I strongly second this post. I use the bladed cork pullers on everything with corks. The only better method is a nitrogen injector (uses small compressed nitrogen cylinders and an oversized hypodermic needle); but that's rather pricey for most people (typically only used by serious wine snobs). A lot of homebrew shops carry T-corks really cheap, natural and synthetic, which make good replacements. I have about a dozen of various sizes to fit any potential bottle size. As far as wax, I've never found a good method for consistently removing it cleanly, since waxes vary so widely in texture and adhesiveness. The closest I've found is to freeze it to make it brittle.
  3. La Clandestine is still my overall favorite; and probably the best absinthe I've ever had. Other favorites are Pacifique, Combier Blanchette, and Montmartre.
  4. As a native Seattlite, Welcome! I'm looking forward to trying Marteau. And do enjoy drinking some of our Washington wines. Oregon too. The PNW has some great wines. I'm particularly fond of Hogue Cellars Sauvignon Blanc, Chateau St. Michelle Riesling, and Knudsen Erath Pinot Noir.
  5. One thing I've noticed with many absinthes is that age can make a significant difference. I've noticed a bit of funkiness in some (most notably the Blanchette) that seems to disappear after about 6-12 months in the bottle.
  6. We just had two different initiatives on the ballot for privatizing the liquor stores; and both failed. Admittedly one was badly written; but it was still a mess that no one seems to want to be cleaned up. At least we get some of the good stuff eventually.
  7. Cool. I'll have to sit down when I have more time and perform a formal review. My bottle is batch 6; and while there are some flaws, it's definitely far from the worst US offering out there. At least it lacks that candy-like star anise quality so many current American-made absinthes have. ETA: I checked the link, and I'm still having trouble. It's simply not letting me log in.
  8. Greetings from a lifetime resident of the Emerald City. If you haven't tried it yet, I strongly recommend Pacifique. It's produced locally (Woodinville), so it's easy to find; and it's one of the best I've ever tried.
  9. I suppose I should post a new intro, since I've been away so long. I've been involved in Absinthe culture since the late '90s; both the crap homebrewed stuff made by aquaintances, Czech garbage, and the difficult-to-obtain French and Swiss imports. My first experience with true absinthe was Bugnon's La Clandestine; and it is still one of my favorites. Other favorites include Combier La Blanchette, Montmartre, and most recently Pacifique (made not far from where I live). Joined the forum very early on, after an invite from Hiram. Gave up on absinthe and the forum a few years back; due to some physical, mental, and economic issues that caused me to give up on a lot of stuff that I had enjoyed. The recent explosion in local availability, combined with an improvement in my personal circumstances, has prompted me to rejoin the community. I'm also a major beer snob (in fact, beer is my first love, even before absinthe); and I'm also quite fond of tea. Even when I was participating regularly, I wasn't a very prolific poster. I tend to just lurk a lot; and that probably won't change.
  10. My local liquor stores are all state-run; and thus are often the last to pick up anything new. Needless to say, was quite surprised at the variety of absinthes available when I stopped in to the main store a few days ago. I knew that they picked up Pacifique some time ago; but that's not unexpected, since the distillery is local. Aside from that, the only brands I'd seen in most shops were crap like Lucid and Absente, and a few of the newer US brands (second-rate trendoid stuff like Trillium). It was very nice to see that, not only are they getting some of the better artisanal stuff like Corsair; but they also have some French and Swiss brands as well. I noted Duplais Verte and Kübler. Unfortunately, the website is badly out of date, so I can't see what else they might have picked up. Hopefully, they'll pick up the Jades as well, when they become available.
  11. I've noticed that this one doesn't appear to be on the review site yet. Is anyone planning on adding it? I tried, but I can't seem to get it to recognize my account. Of course, I haven't been around for a few years, so....
  12. Apologies for the thread necromancy; but I didn't think starting a new thread was justfied. Just tried this one this weekend. Picked up a bottle of Batch 6. Interesting, but I haven't decided yet if I like it. There's a nice floral earthiness to it; but a rather unpleasant bitterness in the finish (I'm assuming from the tarragon, since it doesn't seem like a wormwood bitterness). There's also an oddly cloying sweetness in the finish as well. Anise is present, but subtle compared to most other absinthe. I haven't tried it with sugar yet; but I have a feeling that doing so would improve the character.
  13. Some of us like Sebor, regardless of whether we've tried real absinthe or not. Personally, I find it to be an interesting bitter, like angostura or peychaud, and use it similarly.
  14. Now that would be something to find. Been looking, but haven't found any yet. Fortunately, I have a couple of sources for uranium glass, and several glassblowing studios in town, one of which offers regular classes in the craft. Sometime in the next couple years, I'm gonna either commission a set, or learn how and do it myself (if i can afford to, it's a pretty basic process).
  15. Dave at the Bottle Shoppe, here in East Bumfuck, will be pleased as punch to hear that, especially if the Matts at Bottleworks weren't allocated any. Could be they got it in, and it simply sold out way too fast; but I certainly never saw it at Bottleworks or Big Star. Suprised you 'Hamsters can get anything at all worthwhile up there; although I heard something about a decent microbrewery in the area.