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  1. Just say NO to wanksinthe! Agreed! Welcome Back! (spoken by another recently returned)
  2. Thanks all! That'd be me. Former staunch defender of nonsense and all around ridiculousness.
  3. Hi folks! Been some years since I've been around so I figured a reintroduction was necessary. My name is Leif and I drink absinthe...
  4. Wonderfully informative. Brian, I've changed the above to more accurate.
  5. Not too disimilar to absinthehour, after spending so much time reading this thread, my two cents are coming at you: Sitewise, an editor's review can and should be on top simply because they're a working member of a site and their opinion holds greater weight than the "nonworking" members (read customers). Not that their opinion can't be wrong or subject to high variability but that's a useful method for garnering respect as well as being a professional. Imagine a newspaper where they only had a call in section for the public to air grievances but never had a section for their editors or journalists for that matter--that newspaper would be a joke (or a shopper). If the editor's judgement is wacked then the editor needs to be replaced by someone who has far better skills(I am by no means saying that the editor's judgement is wacked, btw). That being said, an editor's judgement shouldn't stand alone. Other reviews can and should be given but the caveat with those reviews is that there's no telling who is giving them and how they're judging. Objectively, someone new to a product will be far more likely to flop on a review than someone who has intimate knowledge about the subject. As such, customer's reviews are far more suspect for me than the editor's review and a site where there is no editor's review or lack of priority for such a review would leave me wondering just what they're doing. Overall, we're talking averages here anyways. If you buy something having read one review and/or given up after reading only one review then you bought your ticket and there's no sympathy for the ride you took. However, if you read all the reviews and averaged them--leveraging against the editor's op, etc. you should be on solid footing with your risk taking.
  6. Bettie Page as seen in a Bunny Yeager photo=very attractive Bettie Page as seen in an Irving Klaw photo=perfect! Or perhaps I have a damaged psyche...
  7. Michael Jackson's helped me immensely as I've only purchased whiskies that rated as a "thriller". Never ever buy a "bad" one... Sigh. Couldn't help myself.
  8. Yeah, but that's what made it fun! Maybe this'll kill me, maybe it'll just make be blind and/or go numb...who knows?! I call it the spice of life.
  9. I guess that's what I was thinking about when I posed the question. Heaven knows there were enough recipes back in the day to suggest that it wasn't as sinister sounding as it is nowadays (just jobbing absinthe men being jobbing absinthe men I suppose), however, since all we have are the present examples to go with--I get the fear pretty easy. But then again, having never sampled a vintage compound, does anyone know what any of those old suckers could have tasted like?
  10. With as much as I've seen having to do with Pernod lately they're marketing dial must go to 11.
  11. I still hold a special place in my heart for Wild Irish Rose...
  12. Those are Czech products. I'm talking about when we'll be jumping on the oil mix bandwagon so...if we've done it list those. Regardless, anyone notice how the czech word for devil picked up a j in translation? The czech bottle just has Dabel whereas the US release reads Djabel. Maybe it's "new and improved"
  13. Before I go to sleep I have the annoying habit of thinking up terrible realities for this world. Last night's was when the US would finally throw an oil mix into the US absinthe fray. To my knowledge there isn't one (if I'm wrong please correct me) and God bless the valiant men and women for not having succumb yet. However, will one be on its way? It almost has to be sooner or later. Thoughts?