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  1. Holy shit! Conju is alive? (And 43?) and... Holy shit! Absomphe has 20,000+ posts? Actually, wait-a-minute... that last one doesn't surprise me.
  2. Fee Verte is down, eh? Interesting. Muahahahahahahahaha
  3. I'm very surprised that many of my peers have ignored the statement: "Finally, TTB proposes to supersede Industry Circular 2007-5 in its entirety, without incorporating the requirement that all wormwood-containing products undergo analysis by TTB's laboratory before approval. TTB will verify compliance with FDA limitations on thujone through marketplace review and distilled spirits plant investigations, where necessary." Also, there is finally a suggested standard of identity. There are pluses and minuses to this - where things have come up short, I absolutely echo Gwydion's statements above. Though the TTB acknowledges a broad enough consumer awareness of absinthe/absinth (sic) that warrants a SOI, the published proposal for § 5.149 e reflects more their need to conform things under a broad labeling umbrella. For example, you see the same hearkening back to 30% abv for flavored spirits/liqueurs as a means to relegate what they don't entirely know into a heap, and less because they misunderstand the subject - they have NO understanding of it! But make no mistake, about 90% of the content in this revision to the CFR is associated with labeling... absinthe is not and never was the focus. However, we have until March to provide comment... technically. If you attempt to do so now, under an "appropriations lapse" it... well, wait until the shutdown is over. Overall, in the immediate, the definition is neither assisting the effort of absintheurs nor truly hindering them in a tangible way. Once it's exited the review period, we'll have a marker in the Code of Federal Regulations that can be referred to, legislated upon and referenced... therein lies a substantial consideration. In terms of regulatory substance, absinthe has not existed. Being a beast of a piecemeal driver is nothing new in the regulatory realm... I would just encourage others to take advantage of that period before April of each year when Title 27 is reissued. One bite at a time, my friends... one bite at a time.
  4. Essential oil content of the absinthe and someone's individual tastes in sensing those oils are big players in this question. Please sit down with a full bottle of something you know you appreciate and really run that absinthe through the watering trials. You may find a sweet-spot that becomes so intuitive you can eyeball it anytime you sit-down. I know somewhere here, we chugged out some long-winded details about water addition and ratios... doesn't matter. What matters is your experience that particular day, with a certain breeze against the hairs of your ass, at such-and-such angle with the star our Sun. But you can narrow the estimate by doing a long day/week of testing your watering ratio against a favorable absinthe. You will be much closer at being able to intuit what is <<just yours>> the next time a fresh dose is poured for you.
  5. Ohhhhhh, but the brandy. Yeah, that's outrageous figures.
  6. Collectively organizing to protect your interests is not uncommon... even for absinthe in the United States. We did as much after prohibition and failed - though the story is lesser known. There are tons of manufacturers out there. The options are numerous. Establish an understanding of what is available, then decide to ride a noble horse after you've come to know what is out there. Nothing worse than an uneducated opinion, mon ami. Just a suggestion. And Zman... where is that Epidural Kit?!!!
  7. As you might have already heard, Lorien Cameron-Ross studied with Patrick Grand to develop her absinthe.
  8. Welcome back! I enjoyed your reintroduction.
  9. Is that water-sealed alembic in your avatar what you use for distilling the absinthe with? If so, do you have any more photos?
  10. Sounds like the herb source is almost all through Kirk Burkett? Should be interesting... I'd like to see how this all turned out over the years.
  11. I've had mine rebuilt to remove a dent. Not cheap but doable. Also, Jean-Louis Stupfler is the grandson of an Egrot employee, hence the similarities to his alambics and Egrot's. Extremely costly. And in his old age - plus the fact that Stupfler stills take quite some time to be sold - it would take time. He still builds spherical rectifiers.
  12. Hint: Michael Eckert's most recent bottling of white absinthe... Artisan Spirits (of course), 5963 Graham C. Ste. D, Livermore, CA 94550. (925) 371-8606.