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  1. Grim

    What ya drinking tonight?

    Holy Spirit FDC.
  2. Grim

    Greetings my fellow absintheurs

    Welcome back! I enjoyed your reintroduction.
  3. Is that water-sealed alembic in your avatar what you use for distilling the absinthe with? If so, do you have any more photos?
  4. Sounds like the herb source is almost all through Kirk Burkett? Should be interesting... I'd like to see how this all turned out over the years.
  5. Grim

    What ya drinking tonight?

    Artisan Spirits Absinthe Verte
  6. Grim

    Egrot Balls

    I've had mine rebuilt to remove a dent. Not cheap but doable. Also, Jean-Louis Stupfler is the grandson of an Egrot employee, hence the similarities to his alambics and Egrot's. Extremely costly. And in his old age - plus the fact that Stupfler stills take quite some time to be sold - it would take time. He still builds spherical rectifiers.
  7. Grim

    What ya drinking tonight?

    You too, my friend.
  8. Grim

    What ya drinking tonight?

    Hint: Michael Eckert's most recent bottling of white absinthe... Artisan Spirits (of course), 5963 Graham C. Ste. D, Livermore, CA 94550. (925) 371-8606.
  9. Grim

    Hello from SF

    <-- Livermore.
  10. Grim

    A crash course in tasting descriptors?

    I'd suggest getting El Massaya Arak to get an idea of how anise and non-neutral, wine-derived base alcohol interplay. And be cautious with eating herbs... there is a lot going on in the taste of these herbs. Some of what you taste when you eat a spice, or herb, is left behind when an alcoholic spirit is made from them, some is concentrated and some have a synergy with the other components that is near impossible to consider apart. Good luck!
  11. Grim


    Good calamus has an amazing smell... and carries over in abundance to the distillate of an absinthe. It also has a habit of growing into an aging absinthe, so it's like most any root herb... to be used sparingly for the long-term.
  12. Anything you can buy tastes poor and most people don't like the taste of bad absinthe.
  13. Grim

    Egrot Balls

    I own a 20-30 liter system and a larger one... is this just a place-holder?
  14. Grim


    Very sorry to hear this, Stefano.
  15. Grim

    What ya drinking tonight?

    A glass of absinthe.