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  1. Seek out a brief article about the Negroni in the most recent Sunday New York Times, in the Sunday Styles section. It mentions a "boskier" rendition substituting Cynar for the Campari. I have tried a variant on this of my own invention in the past, but mine is different enough to not be considered - by me, at least - a Negroni, and is probably unnamed: 1 oz. Plymouth Gin 1 oz. Dry Vermouth 1 oz. Cynar dash peach bitters This drink is very bitter and dry without the peach bitters. Imagine switching out the Plymouth and bringing in pungent, malty Genever. The beast could be too surly to approach!
  2. I know you're all very upset, so I'll pretend you never said anything negative about MD 20/20, Boone's Farm, or Stroh's. Edit: actually, I've never had Stroh's. I imagine it's similar to Michelob. But since I've also never tasted that, I'll just assume the both of them are quite like a fine Meisterbrau.
  3. Returned to inspect my bottle of L'Italienne and found no detritus. Unfortunately, I also found very little absinthe remaining at the bottom. Alas.
  4. I remember laughing at their prices several months ago. Returning to Internet Wines and Spirits is like revisiting an old Dave Barry book. I see they no longer list Sazerac 18-year-old at $150. That price must have been intended for comparison to the spirit's shelf price of $50 to $75 at the time. Ah, there's Lagavulin 16-year-old for only $110! I live in Boston, and the prices here are not pleasant, but I have not seen Lagavulin exceed $70 anywhere. God bless your sense of humor, IW&S!
  5. Hello and welcome, Steve. Where in Massachusetts do you dwell? if I might ask.
  6. Substitute it for vodka in your Bloody Mary. Be a real Canuck and add clam juice.
  7. Yes, yes, but what are your favorite mezcals? And has anybody tried Sotol? I have learned of it but am not yet ready to take my ass all the way down to Mexico just to try something I know nothing about.
  8. Anybody have any news on when Vieux Pontarlier, Duplais, and Mansinthe, Marteau, Leopold Bros., and Sirene Blanche are becoming available? Anybody have any information on other brands showing up soon? Thanks, Dillinger
  9. Laphroaig for that peaty, medicinal flavor. Like smoke? Try Lagavulin. Or bad mezcal. Not that I'm comparing the two. Macallan is fantastic; the 12-year-old is quite nice too. For a good all-around scotch, try Highland Park.
  10. Not with nits, though.
  11. Puhutteko englantia? Eh? Hello and welcome to the forum, anyway. [edit: "I can speak six languages, English pest"]