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  1. New Amsterdam gin, that's all I got and to lazy to hit the store. Yo Abs what's up?
  2. Opened a bottle of Taboo that I had sitting around for a few years. Totaly shit! A cross between JD and a cheap Cognac.. WTF!! Onto the Jade I guess. Happy New Year to all my friends who still remember me... Luscious Oily Lesbians!!!
  3. Yeah well, I'm even later... Just coming off the great Absinthe binge of 2013. The cabinet is very empty... Hope everyone is well, I'll be back in full force soon..
  4. So I'm a day late, you're probably still drinking. Hope it's been great!!!!
  5. Who would have ever F'n thought! Thank all, ten more minutes then I start drinking. Abs your off the hook this time, love the new pic.
  6. Good question Joe, I was going to ask the same thing. Thought about a second purchase once all the interested WW'ers got theirs..
  7. It's so difficult not commenting on the lady's Absinthe smelling box.. Off topic my package arrived today!!! Thanks again Brian!!!
  8. Stop kissing ass guys! Seriously, many thanks to Brian for all his work on this. Isn't it time for another OC event?
  9. Brian, I wanted to verify you received my email on these samples..
  10. See what that Absinthe stuff will do to you..
  11. I missed the boat on this one.. How about a sample Abs....
  12. Been good. Hopefully life's done throwing shit at me. Sent a text to Ben, he's alive and well. Just laying low I guess...
  13. Man that sucks. A while back I found a Vieux Carré bottle under my sons bed. He said he saw the empty and grabbed it to take a picture to send to a friend. Regardless I don't know if it was an empty or he grabbed a partial bottle out of my bar. Since I have this home automation thing going I put a motion sensor in the booze cabinet. I get a text every time the cabinet is opened. Gotta love technology..
  14. I wanna see a picture of all that ale strapped to the scooter..
  15. :thumbup: Maybe I'm still stupid from the 12 hours of travel from the West coast but I'm laughing my ass off over this... Found this on a visit to Napa Valley... I'm to lazy to make the link look good but the wine sure is.. http://www.vsattui.com/index.cfm?method=pr...rchText=madeira
  16. You're off the hook this time Abs.. Naw, Not going to start now! Haven't had time to make any yet this year Bob, but it's getting close to time.. Thanks everyone, it's been a pretty great day. Spent the day at my parents, dad had a heart attack two weeks ago so things have been pretty f'ed up. But he's doing better every day.. Family and Friends....