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  1. Ok, so I contacted a few folks and it looks like I *might* be able to get some Mansinthe by a route I'm not so sure of. I contacted Ian/LdF and they can't ship to an APO. This is fricken killing me. Hey Alan, how are you? How about you folks at Bugnon? Could you enquire about shipping with them? And no worries, Tibet/Nepal are this coming year sometime! No, oddly enough I got out of the military and actually got to travel someplace that I wanted to go!! Go figure! Yeah, this place is a weird double standard...overtime laws don't apply so I work (at a minimum) 6, 9 hour days a week and never get overtime...but on the other hand, we still have to pay taxes. Interesting, eh? We have hold up our end of the bargian, but alas, the government doesn't. And hell, ship me some herbs and I'll ship some Antarctique later this year. Hell, people have supposedly grown marijuana in the green house, why not distill some absinthe?
  2. Ok, well, no biggie. I can always try and order something cheap and if they get it, I'll know I'm hosed. It's nice to see you guys too. So, I'm here doing electronics. As a few know I'm a radio/radar/satellite communication technician. I recently got divorced, separated from the military after 7 years, and moved back to Seattle (thank GOD) -- and I needed more adventure. Oh, and Absomphe, it's summer down here, so it's light 24 hours a day. Hooray for plywooding up my windows!
  3. So, first I thought I'd say hi to everyone as I haven't posted in a long time. My life has been super complicated in the last year or so, but it's going pretty decently now. So, my question is how to get something down to where I'm at currently. I am now located at McMurdo Station, Antarctica. We have an APO address, but the problem is that all mail comes through New Zealand and a few folks have told me that their customs is a bit surley when it comes to shipping alcohol. I would love to order from a New Zealand retailer...but unfortunately there are no Kiwi distibrutors. So, anyone have any info on New Zealand? My issue? Good to be back. Missed you guys. Aaron
  4. My eventually-going-to-be-ex-wife has spent *hundreds* of dollars...nay, *thousands* on BPAL crap over the last couple years. She's got boxes of their scents, bought from BPAL, collected via e-bay, found in between walls of French chateaus (you guys catch that absinthe joke I made?)... Oh and yes, she had the "absinthe" scent and no, it isn't much like absinthe. If you like BPAL and/or bath products/beauty products *.prissy-fu-fru stuff check out Lush as well ( http://www.lush.com/ ). *Edit: it's "alchemy" lab BTW.
  5. I don't think any of them have approval to be sold here yet (thank God). Unless I've missed something in the last couple weeks, that is.
  6. I believe we've gone over this in a couple other threads (possibly many, although if you haven't been around long/lurking long you might have missed them). BevMo and Astor Wines and Liquors also stock it. Just search on Google, I'm at work right now. There are others too but I don't have time to look. Good luck!
  7. Alright, sorry, to take the maturity level down but this just cracked me up. Back to the discussion.
  8. Well, you'll have no problems whatsoever with shipping from LDF. They've only had a problem ONCE in their history that I can remember and it was last year during a huge surge in publicity due to being noted in the New Yorker as a premeir absinthe retailer on the internet. Other than that, they've been long time members of the Wormwood Society and their shipping record and customer service is perfect. On that note... I agree, Lucid is not an intraductory absinthe. Kübler, on the other hand, is. If you want a simple, inexpensive and decent blanche for a first timer Kübler is fine, especially due to availability. Regarding choices if you do go with importation I would suggest something easy on the tastes such as CLB (or your suggestions of Capricieuse and Duplais) and for a verte I would suggest the Verte de Fougerolles as a first. Heck, the LDF combo of the Blanche de Fougerolles and the VdF would be good too. I wouldn't suggest any of the Jades because they can seem "funky" or "off" to newer absintheurs (not to mention the price). Get him something easy and simple, see if he likes it. If so, then move up to the "better" (more complex) stuff. Aaron
  9. shinsain

    Da rules

    Well, Wild Bill, I think you're missing the point of the rule. I mean you name it (to keep slobbering drunks or amped-up frat boys from hitting on every woman in the place) but I don't think you get that it's as simple as that. I'd highly doubt that the staff will be regulating a person talking to another person but if it's obviously unwanted I think that's where they'd step in. What's more, you know what the reply will be? "If you don't like the rules, go somewhere else." I'm sure their business won't suffer from the folks who don't like the rules and that's what they're banking on.
  10. Hell, my porch has been offering absinthe service for years. Screw US availability...
  11. Not in New York it won't. (Oh, "almost" -- well, close)
  12. shinsain

    Da rules

    That was a pretty funny article. Ol' Bill got punked. That's annoying; however, he DOES have his run of any other "bar" in NYC. I like Bill though, but not enough to break the rules for him. You've got to hand it to those ruthlessly efficient Asians. I've got a Korean barber named Kim who has cut my hair every week for the last two years. Price? $8.17. Tip? Whatever's left from a $20. Why? Because he's ruthlessly efficient. Period. Very interesting. I see absinthe bars like this opening up soon and it feels good.
  13. Personally I like the Lucid better than the rest of the Jades. I think its availability has something to do with it too. I can't wait until CLB comes over. Oh man, that'll be the day.