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  1. scaper8


    That keyboard is amazing, I've got to make one.
  2. Hey, it (sort of) works for beer, wine, and some liquors, again I said sort of works, so why not absinthe?
  3. On a related note, does anyone know of a non-alcoholic absinthe being made or planning on being made? I have some Muslim friends who are interested in absinthe and would like to try it but, as I'm sure some of you know, the Qur'an forbids the consumption of alcohol.
  4. I said slowly getting out. I never said it was a realistic looking louche.
  5. In a small way there is some good here. The second glass looks like it has louched. Maybe (very slowly granted) real information is getting out to the marketers of this crap and the gullible fools who buy it, in this case, the knowledge that absinthe will cloud when you add water.
  6. I don't know if it was the grainy quality or the mime act set to music, but that was really, really creepy.
  7. cd99ts found it, talking about it in these three posts: 1, 2, and 3. A number of the same things were noticed.
  8. Man, you know so much about so much, your brain must way 10 pounds.
  9. They are cool looking and I've heard some stuff about them being used for wine and brandy. I've been tempted to buy one or two just to say I have it (and maybe use with a wine or brandy), but never with absinthe.
  10. Well, the video said that the article's author is an absinthe fan, so the guy may simply actually know something about the absinthe instead of repeating what is on the internet.
  11. I bet nobody's gotten to that sixth one.
  12. I'd pick my right eye. I'm 100% blind in it anyway.
  13. Not that most of the people reading it would know that.
  14. Two cubes! I rarely add one. She must really like it sweet.