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  1. "Do me a favor, and tell me to go away..." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lXJEDlLepD4
  2. Slerpis. Incredibly tropical fruit-juicy, supple notes of conchineal, and red 40. Sex grease!!!
  3. Thanks everyone! Thanks! I tried but the Mother-In-Law said I needed to be clean shaven for the festivities. Congratulations Joe, on the angelica. I hope you got a phone number after all that effort.
  4. Pacifique. I'm eyeballin' some Ridge though.
  5. Prefiero: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ab2DDmwYVQw
  6. Maybe hes being a good scientist and this is his control group? Palate building?
  7. Anyone ever used maple syrup to sweeten a glass?
  8. There are also oak chips, dust, and spirals that most homebrew shops and websites carry. My reservation would be that it can be easy to over oak a product. Good thing some brands are widely available and "affordable" for experimentation. If you over oak something like a widely available blanche or verte that's fairly consistent in flavoring, one could probably get by with blending it with a fresh bottle. It wouldn't be a bad experiment to throw at a guest being introduced to absinthe who might be coming from more of a whisky, brandy, or other oaked spirit background. I've only oaked a few homebrew experiments, but if I were to use oak chips on an absinthe, I'd probably start with a blanche.
  9. Sampled some chocolate mead earlier today. It wasn't bad, but not what the maker had in mind. Moved on to Ridge Blanche and now Pacifique this evening. Oh? First Joe and now now this cat. What the hell is going on? SRLRSY.