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  1. Wheeler's Gin gin mule. A little heavy on the osha. It is medicinal.
  2. I like what Joe said. I usually don't sip a glass unless ice is in it. What size of ice are we talkin' about? Fist sized or crushed-ice-pseudo-slushie sized? I enjoy both, depending on the size of the dose poured, type o absinthe and season o year. Summer Slerpis and winter Vilya are two different things for me.
  3. A little Santa Sidra and a little Wilco goes a long way. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FqDWVErme40
  4. I've never tried the new version, but I did enjoy the first round. There was a flavor that I attributed to rose geraniums that I found a little overpowering, and I noticed it more as the bottle got lighter.
  5. Santa Sidra dry cider. A local, and quite nice.
  6. I wish you luck, and hope you get it. I considered it, until I saw "marketing" I thought what Fingerpickinblue said. I'm glad that these types of jobs are out there.
  7. Some bartenders are willing to learn. I've seen OMG_Bill educate a bartender who was particularly nervous and had no training, but within an hour he had it down pat. Usually if I'm at a bar though I don't want to go into education/training mode though. I haven't ordered it at a bar in a very long time, but I quickly got into the habit of ordering a glass of ice water to go with it so I could customize it. Chilled bottled water with the cap loosened works real well in a pinch, and most bars should stock bottled water. Hold on to the cap though, and you can adjust the flow rate and won't be as messy.
  8. Steady there Cajun Magic. Obercreative still drinks more absinthe than Absomphe. ...
  9. As a conservative Jew this thread confuses me. For the last seven years I've viewed grape-based and fruit-based absinthes as Kosher for Passover, sand official stamp. I've only ever visited one absinthe distillery, Vilya Spirits, and it's cleaner than my kitchen. The amount of care, and quality that they put into their herbs from germination to distillation to bottling boggles my mind, and I'm sure this is similar for every other quality American brand of Absinthe, and many other quality brands from other parts of the world. I want it to be known that I'm not trying to debunk, belittle or troll obercreative's efforts...he has put a lot more thought and effort into this than I ever have, and I commend him for that. I'm only posting this to show that there are movements in Judaism that hold what is consumed to higher standards than other movements. I doubt it would seriously be cost effective for many, if not all of the brands that have been labeled as "Non-kosher" to seek Kosher approval, the profit margin just isn't great enough for that level of investment. I would love to see more Kosher certified brands, and I would love to see if that would make a difference in sales. The review section speaks for itself. My concern is that some of the truly excellent brands will be looked down upon, or not even tried (shudder) because they don't have Kosher certification, while some particularly questionable brands will be praised for having Kosher certification. I've never tried Rodnik's Black, but I'm 99% certain that Leopold Brothers Verte is closer to being proper absinthe than it.
  10. There are a lot of options available for how you want to go about drying them. Hanging, laying on mesh screens, food dehydrators...I've never tried any of these methods with wormwood, so I don't know if one creates better results than the other. Try a few out, see what you like best and if there is any difference. Science! It looks like you'll have plenty to spread out when they go into the ground. Try them out in different locations of your ground. I planted a few in my backyard a few years ago, and the ones with shade and next to a neighbor's yard with grass are monsters. The others, against dryer walls have survived, but have never "taken off" and don't have anywhere near the level of fragrance as the beasts. There's a clear difference in amount of sunlight and soil quality in my unbalanced back yard. Also, I'm down in the Southwest, so take my experience with a wormwood leaf.
  11. Silvertip Gin and tonic with British Sea Power: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RmRSuTjLKaU
  12. I've always found it interesting that "wormwood" is mentioned 7 times in the Torah, and that there are some specific references to hyssop in treatment of physical, spiritual and emotional skin conditions.
  13. I've been messing around with guayusa, which isn't from the camellia senensis family. It's pretty closely related to mate, and is in the holly family. It has a very vegetal taste, kind of reminiscent of spinach and green tea, depending upon the brewing strength. I've thrown in some chai spices with it and thought it was prettay, prettay pretty good.
  14. Gin and tonic with some Montana huckleberries for garnish.
  15. "The popcorn you're eating has been pissed in. Film at 11."