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    So as you may have notice from my introduction thread I can get quite combative (doubly so if tired). Anyhow

    Yeah, anybody can be a dick on the internet. But, it's not particularly good form to walk in someone's house and piss on the rug.




    Especially if it really ties the room together. Do you have a permit for those marmots within the city?

  2. Hello Alchemist and welcome.


    Some of the best friends I've met have been from this group. :cheers:



    @Songcatecher I like my absinthe in a Sazerac or with ginger ale but that probably has a lot to do with the fact that the easy to acquire brands here are "Lucid" and "Absente: Absinthe Refined". I live in a control state meaning all liquor has to be bought at the state controlled stores. I have only ever seen one other brand that I can't recall the name of but the store only had it in airplane bottles and you had to buy $138 worth of them at a time so I had to pass and not seen them since.


    I too live in a control state. We have a lot of craptastic brands here as well.


    I once tried a little Vieux Carre in some Cock n' Bull ginger beer, thinking the minty notes from the Vieux Carre would play well with the ginger. I don't think I got the ratios right very well, and didn't really want to research it any further. It wasn't terrible, but it was a bit too sweet for my tastes.

  3. What they all said about the reviews, that'll be the best place to start.


    I always thought Vieux Carre was a bit spearminty as opposed to anise forward. I think it has star anise in it as well as green anise, but the spearmint stands out to me. I like it quite a bit, but I haven't had any in ages. And Vieux Pontarlier seemed to have more peppermint notes which I found distracting, but it's been three or four years since I've tried that one.


    Ouzo, arak, anisette and sambuca are all good suggestions for wanting something that's just anise-y. Dare I suggest the Pernod liqueur, (not to be confused with their absinthe), which I think is just star anise and some terrible artificial colors. I've only tried a few brands of pastis but they all seemed to have lots of other spices in them, which might get in the way. The last time I tried Henri Bardouin Pastis it seemed pretty heavy on the cardamoms. If cost is an issue there may be some bars in your area that carry some of these items and you can try them before investing in a bottle.


    To me, Kübler seemed to be pretty anise forward after the bottle had a chance to breathe a bit.



    Oh yeah,

    Howdy Podner. :cheers: