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  1. Daniel Lyons


    Ohh damn it's that time of year isn't it! Happy Birthday!
  2. Daniel Lyons

    Booze I love to hate....

    It's rare that someone creates a condiment that can rival the original. You owe us freaks some respect for that at least. Nobody pretends Velveeta is real cheese, but Miracle Whip is mayo to lots of people. Including me.
  3. Daniel Lyons

    Butch's day

    Happy Birthday!
  4. Daniel Lyons

    Birthday wishes to Stomp Brockmore

    Happy Birthday!
  5. Daniel Lyons

    Lil' Shabba

  6. Daniel Lyons

    So you want your elixir shipped

    I've only dealt with DHL once. My laptop broke and Apple overnighted a box to me via DHL. They seemed pretty cool; they waited while I put it into the box and taped it up. This was the first time I had ever heard of DHL, a couple years ago. They have a delivery outpost or something at the office complex of one of my clients. Otherwise I have mostly used the other two carriers.
  7. Welcome to the forum! I used to have a subscription to Metal Maniacs, but never really looked at the competition.
  8. Daniel Lyons

    Introducing myself all over again

    Welcome back!
  9. Daniel Lyons

    DAMN! You're older than I am, Swatantra!

    Happy belated!
  10. Daniel Lyons

    Toothpicks & swizzle sticks

    My awesome neighbor makes many, many bottles of it once a year or so. She gave me one which wound up at T73's place. (You knew you should have made it out there for that whole fishing thing.) Next year I'm going to try and swindle her out of more than one bottle. She certainly made it sound easy to make. Steep a bunch of mashed lemons in Everclear for a month, drain off the liquid, add sugar. I have no idea if that's all she did or not.
  11. Daniel Lyons

    New member, first order, etc

    Welcome to the nuthouse!
  12. Daniel Lyons

    Sonny Mann! It's your day!

    Happy Belated!
  13. Daniel Lyons

    Black absinthe toilet paper

    How nice of him to include a free spoon with the TP. I rather wanted to send him that message myself though, rather than having him send it to his customers. I'd probably have offered him a regular spoon though. And some netting.
  14. Daniel Lyons

    What ya drinking tonight?

    Yeah, it was awesome. I find it sort of hilarious that the two high-end Italian bars we went to didn't have it, but the Monte Vista Fire Station restaurant/sports bar did. I had had a strange dream about it a couple nights ago, and it tasted about as I had dreamt it (well, a bit sharper), but I couldn't quite identify it otherwise. It's like a sweet rather than salty Herbsaint, but much more pleasant. The only thing I could really think of to compare it to with my extremely limited drinking vocabulary was Jägermeister, and it was a couple thousand times better than that stuff (which I kind of like, in a medicine-y kind of way).