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  1. You might enjoy the link at the end of the "Sipping Absinthe, Listenin' To Music" thread, if you are fan of '70s fashion non-sense (which ABBA strongly implies), and torture (which we all enjoy, I'm sure). I'm surprised it hasn't provoked SOME sort of reaction......tough crowd, I guess. Oh, and no hangovers here either....except in the dark ages (see KOSG).
  2. I'll get the brass band ready for her! Or perhaps she would prefer a string quartet...... kazoo?
  3. It turned me into a folded paper pig!!!! Also, I remember having a slight fever during my hangover. It's the Van-Gogh strength thujone, right?
  4. Ditto yummy! Do you teach summers? If not, no doubt you have big celebration plans coming up soon! I'm drinking nothing but H2O, after last night's Jade trio.
  5. to that! Tonight, the Jade Holy Trinity (IMHO): 1901, Edouard, Verte Suisse Three, it's a magic number.
  6. YAY! First round of 1901 is on me.........so to speak...........! Happy B-Day!
  7. Just received three bottles of the 1901 from our friends at LdF. You could say I'm a fan! Forgive me, but when you speak of Perique, are you referring to the drink or the smoke? Also, what's rugby?
  8. I must confess that I had the stuff back in the dark ages....that is, before the Enlightenment. Pity how much disinformation there is out there to trap the uninitiated.
  9. Horrors! Yes I have, and indeed! I agree. They both have the same kind of....uhm.....misty muscle. Did I say that?
  10. Trying Verte de Fougerolles 72 for the first time tonight. Heady stuff! Now to make dinner....hopefully I won't burn anything.
  11. My sensibilities require offense. They are not refined. Thank (bleep)! Ithaqua cf'ayak vulgtmm. Uhg! Cthulhu fhtagn!
  12. Here's another pants wetter for you: I recommend watching this after a couple of glasses, but it's great sober as well. I have many guilty pleasures -- '70s glam is probably in the top five, baby!
  13. Thanks! I get absinthe infusions regularly. Shh...it's a trade secret.
  14. Eeep would have gone well with the chain of human teeth that I found on the sidewalk one day in Syracuse, NY (where I got my MFA, which of course stands for Master of Fine Alcohol). That is, they looked human. They appeared to be real, not sculpted. Clive Barker would have approved. I kept them for a day or two, then decided I couldn't handle the karma, or chaotic energy...or maybe they just creeped me out. So, I gave them to a Canadian graduate student in the video department, who didn't seem to have any moral compass to speak of. The end......?
  15. From the mountainous desk of Chimera, Official greetings to one and all. I'm not new to the Green One (or her various disguises). Regardless, I will do my best not to offend your refined sensibilities. pax C.