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  1. I'm looking for an empty 375 mL bottle of Leopold Absinthe Verte for a project I'm working on. I can offer in trade absinthe samples of any of the following: Belle Amie Blues Cat Epoque Walton Waters Suisse Verte Clandestine Maison Alandia Meadow of Love Sirene Ridge Blanche Jade NO Jade Edouard Jade PF 1901 Marteau Pacifique Amerique 1912 Verte Amerique 1912 Rouge Vieux Carre L'Italienne PM me if interested.
  2. Phoenix

    eBay Listing For Vintage Absinthe

    It's certainly reasonable to say that high proof alchohol can leach flavors from what it comes into contact with. This is how many spirits (like absinthe) are made. That's not exactly a controversial or new claim. That's not to say that your bottles are corked or defective, but due to their improper storage the risk is certainly present. Evan and Joe are not making any outrageous claims here.
  3. Phoenix


    http://www.absintheoriginals.com/vintages.html Scroll down for samples.
  4. Phoenix

    Walton Waters on the Way!

    If you like Meadow of Love and Walton Waters then you may also want to pick up a bottle of Blues Cat. Here's a few vendors that still have it in stock. Once they're gone, they're gone. http://chambersstwines.com/Home/Product/?id=15275 http://www.heightschateau.com/catalog/prod...d=32/index.html http://www.boweryandvine.com/sku095799.html
  5. Phoenix

    New Gift from my LOVELY Wife

    She's a keeper! The wife sounds nice too.
  6. Phoenix

    Pernod Absinthe Supérieure

    I'll pass. Southern France can keep their new and improved Pernod.
  7. Phoenix

    Mobile Access Poll - PLEASE TAKE THIS POLL

    E Bien, I'll trade you my local shelf for your local shelf.
  8. Phoenix

    Latest Green Fairy Sighting

    Definitely Poison Ivy. The jury's still out on the bulge. I googled the image and much to my surprise the internet says that she was born a woman. Bianca Beauchamp is her name.
  9. Phoenix

    Latest Green Fairy Sighting

    That's Poison Ivy from Batman. No relation to absinthe. Anders?n Stoneware
  10. Phoenix


    absinthes.com is owned by Oxy so they're definitely a safe and legitimate vendor, but they're certainly not "as good as it gets". I'd guess that they're not on the recommended vendor list due to the amount of crapsinthe they sell combined with the good reviews they have of those crappy products. I personally would never suggest someone new to absinthe to shop there as there's a very real chance that they could get burned by purchasing garbage or something that's insanely overpriced. However, if you know what you're doing it's not a bad site. I have no doubt that an order placed there will get to the customer in a safe and timely manner.
  11. Phoenix

    eBay Listing For Vintage Absinthe

    Didn't ruin my day at all. I'm in Pere Ubu's boat. I can't afford to be buying bottles of pre-ban in my current financial situation. You've got the green light from a mod so it's obvious you're not doing anything wrong. I wasn't aware that things had changed. The fault is all mine. That said, if it's okay to talk about this auction then it's my belief that the auction is totally legit. The write up is well done, the photos look correct and when looking at the feedback I see that Marc purchased a bottle of a different pre-ban absinthe from this seller awhile back and left positive feedback. It may even be the same bottle that's now for sale in his webshop. I can't say 100% either way, but if I had the money I would roll the dice on this one.
  12. Phoenix

    eBay Listing For Vintage Absinthe

    It used to be considered to be in poor form to discuss active eBay auctions. Oh the times they are a changing.
  13. Phoenix

    Heidelberg, Germany

    Songcatcher found Waldo!
  14. I got an email this morning from someone visiting Heidelberg and they were wondering if anything in this display window was worth buying. Can you find the drinkable absinthe? It's like a Where's Waldo puzzle!