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  1. Actually, from the party, the few that I talked to really seemed interested in trying real absinthe and the couple of people I caught up with later that got to try it thought it was hands down better than anything they had the night before. I was proud to do my duty in educating them. I actually directed them all to this site and the Fee Verte's buyers guide. Hopefully word will spread and everything will be right with the world... absinthe-wise at least.
  2. It was a sad day for me on Friday. I went to a convention this weekend and as I did last year, I was a bartender at a "Green Fairy party". Now normally that would be cool that the word is getting out and to attend the party it was $50 a head all going to a charity. However what really upset me the most is, just like last year, it was all low quality Czechsinth with a few notable brands being Trul 1792, Gothica, Tabu Dry and Versinthe la blanche to name a few. Now I hate to say this but the versinthe was probably the best absinthe there because everything else looked almost radioactive in color due to food coloring. But because it was not my party and not my gig, I just did my job and educated people as I could when they asked. I also had my Edouard and Kübler bottles there so I let a few people taste actual absinthe and I am proud to say that everyone who tasted those two after that party was ready to give absinthe a second chance again. I saved a few souls from the torments of bad absinthe but I can't save them all... Side note that was hilarious to me: The woman running the party is a nice woman but she has fallen prey to the thujone hype and during setup for the party I overheard her explaining that the absinths she brought ranged from low levels to high levels. The funny part to me was every time she said thujone, I would say pork chop just loud enough for certain people to hear me. I thought it was funny and felt the need to share.
  3. Luscious Oily Lesbians! I'm sure. I bet you also have some great "lake front" property in Florida to sell me. Side note, I got the cheap fountain and it improves the experience by at least 10 fold. Good times!
  4. WooHoo! I just ordered one of these on Monday and my girlfriend just sent me a message saying that it had arrived. I now have something to enable by absinthe intake!
  5. I know, but its highly unlikely that more pre-ban will be produced so I wanted to at least get my hands on some before the rest of you all drain it dry.
  6. That would be why I didn't recognize him. I figured it was a metal band but not one I had listened to actively. (shameless plug) I have my own metal band and if you guys are interested the myspace page is Here. Back on topic, As I said before, my knowledge of absinthe is limited to the three I will actually claim. I am wanting to broaden that and, hopefully with the help of a nice tax check, purchase a sample of the original pre-ban stuff. I have been talking with David at Oxygénée and I am excited but broke. Cest la Vie right? Otherwise, I will have to say that of the three I have really enjoyed the Jade VS more then the others but thats just my personal tastes at the moment.
  7. Hey, I live just outside of Nashville and I have a bottle of Edouard thats not even half emptied yet.
  8. Hey Daniel, Probably not a "proper" fountain but it works beautifully. Fountain(minus the shipping headache) Ha ha, GAS. I read that and knew immediately what you meant before seeing your explanation. Yes, I am a musician and yes I suffer from Gear Acquisition Syndrome too. Welcome to the lifestyle.
  9. And also to point out with my quote I did say some people. That narrows it down from a generalization to a small amount. However, its not that they dislike his absinthe but rather him as a person. I have seen a number of posts where some people(theres those words again) just say negative things about him as a person. I don't personally know but from the way they would make it sound, it's like he is single handedly giving the absinthe community a bad name. I know that is not the case at all but at the same point I don't see how bashing him as a person is in anyways helpful to critiquing an absinthe. I saw your top 10, peridot, and saw that the Jade Edouard was on your list. Now I cannot say I have a learned palate, being that I have only had 3 real absinthes(the one czechsinthe doesn't count). Those are the Jade Edouard, Verte Suisse 65 and Kübler 53. So far, the Kübler I enjoy because it has a nice taste and the Verte Suisse I really liked because the flavor was noticeably different then the Edouard. The Edouard so far has not been my favorite but due to previous experience, it is not my least favorite by a large margin. All this I said to preface my next statement. I am really wanting to get some PF 1901 and Belle Amie as it seems a lot of people love those particular absinthes. Side note, your avatar is strange and I don't understand it. Who is that and what is he "saying"?
  10. Clarification: I have received a lot of good support and suggestions from people at FV. However, the old saying "The squeeky wheel gets the oil." holds very true in this sense. While they are a minority at FV, the people who like to act elitist and, in turn, like complete assholes to anyone who is not as knowledgeable as they are tend to stand out more then the people who are nice. Its a sad fact but its how the world works. The good is often overlooked by the boisterous. As for Breaux-Bashing-Bullshit(sorry, love the alliteration in that), I don't mind people not liking his stuff but instead of actually giving reasons to why they think it may be hyped crap or not they just bash the absinthe and then bash the poster thinking themselves better for knowing more. It's frustrating to someone like me who is interested in learning all I can about absinthe in present day but getting met with harsh words as opposed to well thought out opinions presented in a civil manner. And finally, I have to agree with T73 on his last sentence, I have posted a few times on FV and received good conversation but invariably at some point one of these "bad apples" will float to the surface and spout their messages of arrogance and hate and ruin any possibly good conversation. I just think its stupid that people take such a smug attitude online because whether you are knowledgeable on a subject or not, you are still only talking on the internet, after all. Why be an ass to someone you don't even know who is only trying to learn when you can just as easily educate them through intelligently phrased ideas and perhaps convert someone to your ideas as well? At least thats just my opinion, take it how you will. *Edit* My apologies for hijacking the thread as I had a serious question as to if anyone knew what the next few brands that would be available in the US would be. However, it went downhill from there.
  11. Ha ha, Thanks Shabba. Actually the only reason I ask about the Jade's in the US is because I have tasted some Czechsinthe a friend had which got me interested in learning more. From there I poured over reviews and my first real Absinthe was the Verte Suisse. I have a bottle of Kübler now and I also have the Edouard but I am really wanting to get the Verte Suisse again and a PF1901 because I hear great reviews of it. I hate to say it but I get a feeling that some people really dislike Ted Breaux over on the FV forums. I like the attitude over here much better; less looking down ones nose and more appreciation of a great drink.
  12. So here just outside of Nashville I have found Kübler and Lucid. I asked on the other forum if and when we would see any Jades and all I got was an "oh boy". I am really hoping to find some good quality absinthes at the store I frequent because the guy behind the counter is really good and buys the good stuff typically. Hell he even got a $100 bottle of 21 year aged rum for a friend of mine. So do we know what to expect next? Any inside information? I am glad the the TTB put the 10ppm ban because that will keep a lot of czechsinthe out.
  13. Lets see here, To answer in order. Thank you for the welcome. Fee Verte is another forum. Konbanwa and hello.
  14. I have come to join the ranks here from the Fee Verte forums. If you read there you know a few posts of mine.