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  1. Hello! Just wanted to add that if you are looking for a bottle of Kübler- the litre bottle is $70 at Pasanella & Son Vitners on South Street between Peck Slip & Beekman
  2. OK- so I know I havent been on here very much but I assure you I have been imbibing & tasting since my last visit (currently tasting an Emile ) After deciding to spend the weekend in NYC I made a list of places carrying Lucid. After waiting all day to enter the hortel bar for my nightcap, 1st they claimed not to have it. After being pressured, two barkeeps looked a little bit harder & found it. Priced at $18 per glass. I have been to some of the most exclusive clubs in town & NO ONE is sampling the hard to find, relatively unknown liquor, in these places for (I kid you not) - $18 per glass Whomever the marketing team is on this is not doing absinthe fans any favors. They have to push harder in this market against the vodka- flavor- of- the- month- town of NYC and thinking they can jump up against the Veuve Clicquot or Hennesy crowd without better advertising/marketing WITHIN the bar is just remiss of good sense. Anyway, that off my chest, I will hope & pray someone with good sense reads this & rethinks the re-emergence of absinthe marketing in the US. Now off to finish my Emile
  3. I'd love to try the plant but I have been cursed with a black thumb - If its alive & I touch it- it dies (except kids- who knew ) I will try the tarragon & next time I am at the "nature store" I'll check about the dried wormwood.
  4. I got mine last week. The color is almost false- similar to purple ice pops of my youth which were very good but certainly not what I was looking for. The scent is clearly Violet- condensed, too sweet in its bottled form. The taste - again - potential- biut too strong. In its pure form it looses its delight. Its too much Violet to handle. I then mixed in with a smooth vodka & splash (tiny yet there) of cranberry. The cranberry caused my taste buds to notice the flavor of the flower much better. Served it up chilled in a martini glass & called it a Violet Delight- very delish. aah what a surprise! I may have to order me another bottle- its not a regular on their site & I will be very sad to see it go.
  5. I started with the sampler as well. I am only on my 2nd order (this time Kübler) & I had the same thoughts (about secondary effects due to the ritual & method of savoring rather than drinking) I may have spoiled myself by starting off on the "good stuff" but I am determined to keep sampling
  6. I am mildly enjoying Kübler & I am not sure if I am loving it. It seems a bit... weak (?) though I have played with the dilutions. The Jades I tried seemed to have more body (is that right ???) I may have spoiled myself forever with my 1st drinks of Jades.
  7. Now that its been mentioned I am wondering if I saw a similar billboard on the West side highway ....black background, green eyes- nothing else. Next time we drive down I'll have to look. I also am intrigued about the product & legalization but the thing that hits me the most is that the bottle & website seems to be geared to toward the younger "party" crowd but the price is definitely not. I hope they really have a strong marketing strategy to help boost it otherwise I may never get to walk to the corner store & grab a bottle cuz "dayum I just ran out"
  8. Thanks for the clue! I will have to sneak a sniff of what husband has left & compare it to my Kübler to see if I can isolate it.
  9. I am jumping up & down with glee I have finally placed another order. I have only had the three 20ml bottles I bought husband from LDF & with only one glass left in each, he has forbidden me to even open them to take in the scent. So I spent some serious time obsessing, researching & planning and just placed my 1st official order - I ended up going with a Kübler. Now I am just mentally screaming FLY Monkeys FLY!!!!! I had a pretty bad experience with LDF last time so I hope it was just a "fluke" on their vendors part. I am curious to see if my love extends to other absinthes. My fav was the Jade Edouard with the Nouvelle coming in a close second and the Suisse Verte following last but their prices do not allow for me to enjoy as often & as much as I like so I hope my patience & research bodes me well. Do not for a moment misunderstand- I would GLADLY drink any of those three at any time but this girl has a budget. Tragic, I know, I had to cut into my weekly wine funds for absinthe! Imagine! having to choose! Also brief question: I am unable to isolate the smell of the wormwood. Any suggestions, tips, or hints? When I read a review that specifies comments on the wormwood they are currently lost on me which is a shame. Which beings me to a close: FLY Monkeys FLY!!
  10. Good Advice- I may stop googling all the menu options & just wing it- I'll prolly be happier. & Yes, my beloved chose the restaurant. I mean who out of the blue decides "Honey, we're having Austro-German for dinner" (other than my husband or a native of course). There are 4 things I am pretty confident about: 1)If it ends in "kraut" its probably sour; 2) If it ends in "wurst" its probably a sausage; 3) I cant really pronounce anything on the menu- ( maybe I'll slur & blame the booze) 4) I will not be ordering the :Blutwurstgrstl, kipfler & sauerkraut .
  11. Wow- & here I thought I was all la-tee-dah about grinding my own daily. I use Stew Leonards (I like that they roast it there where I can see) but I am awaiting arrival of a very special blend that my cousin created while working with the Peace Corps in Indonesia. Its named after him.
  12. I was looking at the dinner menu for the restaurant we are going to Tuesday night. 1st thing I see on the menu- Blood Sausage. Eeek!
  13. I cant recollect what was there before but it has a huge banner wrapping around the entire building. Sadly yes- while sipping our "French Drip" (made with herbsaint) our view was of The Frat House. Old Absinthe House's drink menu & "literature" encourages the "narcotic" connection. blah blah blah "....For those not in the know, Absinthe is a liquor created with ... wormwood which had narcotic properties....which made it both popular and deadly- creating a hazy drunken stupor replete with hallucinations and threat of madness..." Such a shame.