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  1. I hadn't seen it posted here yet but N.O. is now available for presale from DUNY for $110 750ml
  2. I saw an article about this study on the front page of yahoo.com today, that got me very excited http://news.yahoo.com/s/livescience/200804...ngmysterysolved
  3. Decided to give Lucid a second try. Bought two bottles a few months ago when Binny's had them for $23 a bottle by mistake. Tried it the first day it came and hated it. I must say a couple months has done it some good, took away some of the alcohol bite, too bad it hasn't gotten rid of all of it yet.
  4. Duplais Verte followed by a Great Lakes Elliot Ness.
  5. Back on topic, my two bottle of Lucid arrived today and I look forward to sampling it tonight after work.
  6. Got and email stating that my order from Binnys was shipped today and should arrive Wednesday. They also charged my credit card the $23 a bottle price that it was listed at when I ordered, despite the negative comments in this thread i'm still excited to receive my first US legal absinthe. The total cost of the two bottle plus shipping was equal to the cost of shipping I paid for my orders from LDF alone.
  7. On the subject of Lucid has anyone seen much of an improvement by letting it age? Maybe get rid of the funk some have reported
  8. What's a bottle of KOS Gold cost these days with the exchange rate, $500 per 750ml?
  9. ordered two bottles, $61 after shipping.
  10. So let me get this right, you came here to discuss a horse that's been dead since before Jean Lanfray ever touched a drop of Absinthe.
  11. You didn't happen to remember to put my mailing address on that order did you?
  12. I go back and forth between the two Duplais, grammar Nazis help me out here, what is the correct plural of Duplais, would it be Duplai? But anyway every time I have a couple glasses of the Balance I'll begin to prefer it, until I switch back to the regular verte then I'll convince myself I like it more. I suppose it's a good problem to have.
  13. no need to control the drip with that, just use the famous/infamous power louch.