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  1. Oh yeah. I made the fatal mistake of pulling the trigger at DUNY and getting a bottle. I should know better and should of checked WS. I knew I was in trouble as soon as I opened it, and this over-bearing anise smell (more like an anise gas) filled the room. I would compare it to La Fee, only more so (which is NOT a good thing). Stupid,, stupid, stupid!
  2. Well, had a great New Year's Day dinner and imbibement yesterday. Went to a friend's house with 2 sliver rockers as gifts, and a bottle of PF1901. We started off with two or three absinthes (recollection is a bit, um, sketchy). Then we switched to BarenJager. Our host was making a cocktail with that, orange juice and sparkling wine. Of course shots of it straight had to be tried also, for scientific comparison purposes. Soon the homemade manicotti and prime rib showed up. We also drank several bottles of Six Grapes Porto during dinner. For desert there was habanero chocolates, and an Italian ice cream desert with toasted almonds, vanilla and a cherry. Of course by then, shots of this were flowing. As we were leaving, I had an, um, "misadventure" on the outside steps. My, wife, the designated driver, had the poor taste to accuse me of being drunk. I explained to her that I was perfectly fine, thank you, it was just that I could not feel my legs. Meanwhile I heard a horrendous crash from inside our gracious hosts' home, but his wife assured us he was ok. But I fear an apocalyptic disaster may have fallen on the charming Dickenesque tableau they were showing us earlier in the evening. Perhaps next year an "earthquake" tableau might be more fitting, with little ambulances, crowds of gawkers and perhaps a tiny news crew. Needless to say, a good time was had by all.
  3. Let's not forget the swarovski crystal one.
  4. Ok, I just didn't want you to think it was I masquerading as this guy.
  5. In Hawaii my in-laws use fireworks to scare bad spirits away, but I bet Limburger would do the trick just as well...
  6. Interesting! in my house it is miso soup, mochi and a tangerine with a leaf on it. My wife is Japanese. I'm Irish. If we wake up alive on New Year's day, that is considered good luck. Happy New Year to WS folks, too!
  7. Came across this little gem of decadence today... Whoa! Now I have several silver-plated ones, but oh man..! I tried to explain to my wife that gold does not tarnish (like our love, honeybunch) and when you think of what we get paid an hour, and the time saving from polishing the silver, why buying a few gold ones, we could actually be saving money. Didn't fly, though. She made some downer references to us paying for health insurance, and our 401ks being gutted, etc.*sigh*
  8. So, what is everyone doing? NY eve I will be staying home (used to go to the roof of my capital hill apartment in Seattle to watch the needle fireworks, or wander down to melrose). NY day we will be going to a friend's house for prime rib and manicotti. We will be bearing gifts. First, two silver-plated, rocker brouilleurs, which we will have them open first. Can't wait for the initial reaction... what the f*ck?! Then a bottle of PF 1901, which my wife will be prying out of my hands. And lastly, the "Distiller's Handbook", purely for academic research, or in case they decide to move to New Zealand.
  9. Oh yes, when going to Brouwers, I just have to indulge in the beer selection. Still can't see the purpose of drinking absinthe at a Seattle bar (unless you are into the cocktail side of it). I have a better selection of absinthe at home and don't have to worry about driving. And the cocktail side scares me... therein lies madness. Before you know it I will be buying rhum, botanical gin, an assortment of bizarre and obscure bitters, listening to Bossa Nova, and subscribing to "Imbibe" magazine (which incidentally came with my latest DUNY shipment)!
  10. I hear that. After a certain point, you might as well be drinking something way cheaper, as your faculties start to, um, drift. And the next morning you realize your beloved expensive absinthe is perilously low.
  11. Alright, that does it. I will never use "/*++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++" or "<!--+++++++++++++++++++++++++" as comment dividers in code again!
  12. One question I always had, as a Seattle (er, Shoreline) resident... if you can nab the same absinthe from a WA State liquor store (with it's taxation heaviosity) vs. free shipping from DrinkUpNY, is DrinkUpNY actually a better deal?
  13. The penultimate in sausage knowledge is this book The Sausage Making Cookbook (Hardcover) by Jerry Predika , written in 1983 by an old Polish guy from Buffalo, NY. 'Nuff said.