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  1. Congrats, Joe & Jules on branching out with the Vilya marque. I wish you nothing but the best of luck in your continued success with your fine spirits. Your absinthes have always remained a personal favorite of mine. Ben
  2. Better late than never. Thanks guys! Hope you all had a good Halloween and for those on the east coas, weathered the storm alright.
  3. I can always count on you, Baubs, for variations on a horrid, horrid theme. Thanks, all of you. It was a good one. Vietnamese lunch, sushi for dinner, copious amounts of Ridge for dessert! Aside from this whole work, whoredom thing, it was a really good day. Love you all. Thanks for the well-wishings. Hope all my east coast friends made it through the storm alright. (I'm looking at you Brian, Brooks and many others). Let me know how you fared. XOXO Ben
  4. A blanche and a verte each should be showing up to me today. Bought myself an early birthday present. It's been far too long...
  5. What, man, you thought I'd miss out? It's like Elvis sightings. Best to the boy and the wife. I'm sure he's raising hell but learning well. We should share a drink some time...
  6. Happy Half Century, Hoss! Hope it's a good one!
  7. I've missed you damn fools... Maybe not the place to bring this up, but what the hell happened to Absomphe's avatar for a hot minute? Christ, I leave for a year or so and the old man starts eating babies. Some people. Sheesh.
  8. You're missed, both here and in real time. Hopefully we'll see each other again some time real soon. Have a good 44th. Hello WS! It's been a while!
  9. Happy belated, buddy. Best to the fam. Hope it was good.