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  1. I shall try a CLB-SUGARFREE tonight. thanks for the recommendations, I think I am gonna try the 1901 next.
  2. hello again. A few of you might remember 2 weeks ago I ordered the Alandia Strong68 starter kit. I know "alandia is the devil" & "avoid the strong68" but it was a good deal on a starter kit, and you must drink the bad to know the good. I was a bit worried that the strong68 was going to be undrinkable after what I read here. anyway... I ordered a bottle of Clandestine 53 from LDF, just in case. I received the Clandestine 53 first, 4 days after I ordered it. LDF is great! I had to wait 6 days for the alandia strong68 kit, then I had to wait home to sign for it. finally after both bottles arrived the wife and I decided we will drink the strong68 for a few days, then switch to the clandestine 53. start with the bad and then appricate the good. we tried -1 strong68. -2 sugar cubes. -3 parts iced water. it was like drinking HALLS cough drops with a grapefruit peel after taste. then we tried -1 strong68. -3 sugar cubes. -3 parts iced water. the extra sugar made it sickly sweet then HALLS cough drops with a grapefruit peel after taste. then we tried -1 strong68. -2 sugar cubes. -2 parts iced water. less water made it less bitter and less to drink it was to "strong" so we decided the strong68 was a to bitter and tasted to much like cough drops. but, it is good mixed with low acid orange juice. SO..! after 4 days of choking down strong 68 (2 or 3 glasses a night) nodding off on the couch in a green haze we figured friday night would be the best time to try the clandestine 53. WOW, just the smell of the Clandestine 53 was enough to convince me it was going to be great. we tried -1 part clandestine 53. -1 sugar cube. -3 parts iced water. and it was prefect! It had such a great taste, I was so glad to taste and smell all the natural flavors. I am pleased to know not all absinthe tastes like cough drops and bitter grapefruit peels. I am hooked... what should I try next..?
  3. I cant wait for my Clandestine from LDF.... The strong68 starter kit was to good of a deal to pass up... I looks so pretty... oh well live and learn.
  4. yep, I'm down here in Chesterfield VA. 12 years I have been here. originally from Northern Michigan but 350 inches of snow a year is hard living.
  5. Greetings all... I am new to the scene, yet I have been pondering absinthe for about 15 years. wondering what I would think of it, where I can get it, and will it taste as good as it sounds. I was not about to buy some "make your own absinthe" kit from the web. thankfully there are some great places to get reviews and orders. After a few weeks of research I came to this conclusion. some people hate strong68 and some people love it. some people hate alandia and some people love them. "avoid the stong68" is not much of a review "I love strong68" isn't much help either so I figured I might as well see for myself. what better way to test the waters than jump right in. I ordered the alandia strong68 world of absinthe starter kit for a perfect starter price. (strong68, glasses & spoons, sugar,) everything I need to start. but what if strong68 is horrible you may ask..? I asked myself that same thing, so I ordered the Clandestine 53 la bleue from Liqueurs de France I have yet to hear any bad words about it. I am guessing it will be alot better than the strong68. I can't wait to live & learn.