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  1. Did some Mansinthe earlier and a Kübler or two now
  2. C'mon guys and gals--smoke and absinthe seem to fit like a hand in glove. If I were sitting in a bar and someone knocks down a 72 and then a second--that person can smoke whatever they want. PPP
  3. Never mind that. What was this about? It was about the "dusty rug" taste. It's OK now, the more I drink. I would say--all 3. The best I can come up with is "bland".
  4. Can someone tell me what plant is responsible for that "dry paint" and/or "dusty rug" taste I'm getting from this bottle of absinthe? PPP
  5. Money well spent--I have 16 bottles of unopened absinthe in my cellar--I am ready for anything now PPP
  6. Congrats on handling the Essai 3.. Save a few bucks on the gars by tring the El Mejor Expesso from Cigars International--almost as good as a pricey Padron. PPP
  7. Hey--can't go wrong with La Bleus--thats' what I am enjoying. PPP
  8. Hey Butch--any wife that lets you order absinthe is a gem. Try the Verte de Fougerolles combo from LDF.
  9. Yes, thanks for the site Shabba. Great to have a variety of choices in all things. Don't forget the Padron Madura if you are in a tight spot.
  10. That could be attained in a straightforward manner with a breeding program. It could be done on a molecular level by knocking out a gene in the thujone biosynthetic pathway. If a strong demand for thujone-free absinthe were to exist, trust me, abundant suppy would soon follow.
  11. Welcome, Prof! A true-to-life gene jockey! You aren't into regulatin' α and/or β thujone expression in A. absinthium are you? If so, you might want to check with the folks at Veridian (makers of lucid, Absinthe Supérieure). Hey--I resemble that remark. Regulating expression is often harder to do in practice than in theory. I have a better way to jack up levels of interesting compounds in absinthe. Recently I turned a bottle of La Capricieuse into the finest verte out there. Think solubility and diffusion.
  12. You don't make your students read or write do you? Thats' your problem. Try asking them what is a fifth of 1 is and ask them to put their answer in decimal form. Scary
  13. Thanks for the welcome--I teach in NW Ohio. A sleepy college town they call Bowling Green.