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  1. This is the first time back to the site since my last post. Wow,I certainly didn't expect this. I though with calling me willy I was going with the flow. Besides I felt it had certain comedic qualities " I don't accept you're willy" it's worth a giggle. Mickey mouse was saying it was unimportant,insignificant not worth the hassle. Boy was I wrong O.k I apologize to all concerned To Absomphe(post#166) Yes I my willy and he :wub:s me TR. out
  2. Certainly sounds interesting and $60 with out shipping not bad. As for as the label goes. Will the eyes on the bottle follow you like the eyes on the website? O.k. to all
  3. Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations Meat market; Oscar Wilde; Crypt 7:00pm on ch 88 cable. Rerun with a section on Absinthe. to all
  4. Tonight for me CLB to start and to finish Jade NO. More to follow as the night wares on. to all TR. out
  5. No MT saving it for tomorrow night but yes she beckons me. I just got it what can I say accept to you sir. TR. out
  6. I thought I did recognized that when I said it was mickey mouse and said cheers to you. I thought he was hostile but it is mickey mouse. no harm no bad vibes I think were all o.k. here. Boy I hope this resolves any misunderstanding. This Willy I don't accept. TR. out
  7. Seltzer for me crisp,clean,effervescent. Tomorrow night after I finish off my CLB I open my first jade NO should be an interesting evening. To all TR. out
  8. O.K. Martin I'll take Willy,and ya you did seem hostile. But bottom line is this is mickey mouse. So thanks Martin and to you Willy out
  9. O.K. Martin(post#157) I'll live Willy for my mistakes. But don't tease the boy.Thats condicending is there a reason why so hostile.
  10. Is fennel the strongest flavor in LDFs CLB? I can taste the anise but in the background. I'm trying to teach my self to identify the individual flavors. I will buy some of them off the grocery spice rack. But until I can any help breaking down my CLB. Thanks TR.out
  11. To Nymphadora(past#8565) It's nice to know I was right about one thing. to you TR. out
  12. That's good to hear Shabba and I've been in a bad place this past week. Now I have a glass of LCB,some nice Dick Hyman and all is well. to you sir TR. out responce to Shabba post#8551
  13. To Ari(post#8548) Well then if thats the case o.k. my joke was received properly and I was overly sensitive. Part of me is glad to hear it but then again part of me isn't. O.K. point made to all Willy out
  14. Hey, hey, hey. Let's keep it clean in here people! O.K. first off that is exactly how a mother bird feeds her young.She bobs her head real fast,then pop she vomits in her in her beak and the baby bird is happy. Second were adults it was meant as a friendly joke. After all it is Nymphadora. She does enjoy suggesting and implying sex. Thats all I did was imply Be that as it may I meant no harm or insult. If I offended you Shabba I apologize
  15. Yes Nymphadora(post#8531) But first you must bob you're head up and down real fast,then pop and the bird is happy. All kidding aside. I love birds, the parrot I have now I've had for over 20 years. I do feel for you're loss.
  16. Sounds great OMG. I'm enjoying my 2nd LCB and listening to classical music.
  17. Hi Shabba (post#8486) Thanks for the input and if my taste turns towards gin I will give you're Plymouth a try. Hey OMG (post#8487) Thanks and to you sir. Hey T (post#8488) Thanks but you know for a minute there, I though it was me. This stuff just keeps better and better. I'm also looking at some glasses at La Maison d' Absinthe. It's not just the Absinthe that bleeds the bank account it's the fucking accessories. I have all the glasses I need. But there are two at La Maison and I want 4 of each. to all
  18. I have a question. From yesterday afternoon to about 1:00am I had 4 drinks of LCB. That's a full 8oz glass of Absinthe and no hangover. This is not a complaint mind you I do get hangovers. Just to date not with Absinthe. Anyone else,any thoughts I find it curious.
  19. I'm nursing my second LCB of the evening and listening to jazz from the 20s. Only problem there's a fund drive which means more talk less music. But the music is worth it, great stuff. to all
  20. Hi martin Same here and I just got in from sitting on my balcony sipping LCB and listening to jazz radio.
  21. FYI La Clandestine and Perique do not play well together. They started off as fast friends got a long famously. But it wasn't long before they turned into the Gotti kids. Things got so bad that everybody, Gotti kids, everybody had to go. So tonight seltzer and tomorrow I'm stick en with the home team no outsiders, no mingling. TR. out
  22. My first was La Ptite and after my first three sips or so, I thought this reminds me of Good and Plenty candy. This is a candy from my childhood(more seduction).
  23. Hi Shabba(post#8424) Thanks. It seems my review wasn't the cap I though it was.My order was 2 bottles and I opened the first last night and it's going fast. It is a great sipping liqueur. Hope you have a good weekend