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  1. In reference to the forums Nymphadora you nailed it. You're right, there's a level of intelligence, open minded thinking and an artistic spirit. I worked the hamburger stand at Woodstock. Because my parents decided that they weren't going to let me go. So I jumped out my bedroom window on to the garage roof, and then to the street, and my friends car. But I had to leave everything I packed behind, money included. Part of me will always be a Hippie. to all TR. out
  2. Tonight, Ray Charles-Recipe for soul and Classic Radio(jazz from the 20s,30s and 40s)with Edourd. to all TR. out
  3. Well you now have four differant points of view. Personally I like after a good meal as a digestive. Plus I like drinking on a full stomach.
  4. To night NO,E72 and Duplais man am I pie eyed. But yet I can type, I think. Well to all TR. out.
  5. Well then sir, allow me to apolagize for my"go". O.k. I am a little pie eyed, I think the acid thing was pushin it. But the pic was real cool. TR. out in more was than one
  6. And some sounds from - the Port of the Harlem Jazzmen
  7. Hi Alan Thanks for the heads up on the Blogs,I will certainly read yours. As to the magazine I think your idea would be a start. I'm all for it.
  8. See speedle once this group grabs onto something that's it. It's called artistic passion.
  9. Hey Elfin (post#105) As for as Willy goes, I'm not touching that. So let's keep my willy out of this. O.k thank you to you sir TR. out
  10. Lucid responded to my e-mail here's the message Thanks for the inquiry. We expect shipments near the end of May which will first go to restaurants and bars and then to retail stores, which is why they haven't heard about it yet (assuming they don't read the New York Times!). But we intend to target some of the major retailers from the outset, so check back on drinklucid.com for details. Email Response Team www.drinklucid.com
  11. My experience is the same as ShaiHulud. Friends came to my place for a party and tried Absinthe. Although Alyssa Dyane has the correct approach, bring a bottle of something to give them and then present the Absinthe as some thing you want them to try.
  12. Sounds good but do really think that will happen with this group. Besides the hunt is part of the fun.
  13. I have trouble to. the best I can come up with is anise and I like it, the rest takes time and a lot of taste tasting. Most Absinthes are complicated in there tastes and require numerous tastings and comparisons. One thing is certain learning Absinthe is a gas and we have a lot to learn.
  14. nundual(post#8652) Tonight I'm drinking seltzer-after 1 trip to the frig,go figure. It's very similar to club soda. enjoy you're Duplais and I'll sip my seltzer
  15. The stores that I checked are top rated by zigat and known to have high quality and hard to find liquors and wines, which is why I choose them. Also, if any stores in NYC would hear or know anything it would be them. I sent Lucid an e-mail lets see what they say.
  16. I did some checking and out of around 25 liquor stores in nyc, That range from the village to midtown to the upper eastside, no one had it. And in fact they hadn't even heard of it. Does anyone know when the marketing campaign starts. The said in May so the stores should have at least heard about it.
  17. NO and Ella singing cole porter. Can you dig it? knew you could. to all TR. out
  18. Shabba(post#184) you're friendly advise is very helpfull. Having a drink sounds great first round is on me Hey T The smilie said it all. Do You know what Freud would say about you're joke. to all
  19. You do have a point sir. I appreciate you're honesty and straight forwardness. Thanks Shabba(post#180) To Nymphadora(post#181) Thanks my dear that though has crossed my mind.
  20. I agree about the label it's the same with Duplais and the David Tibet label. I like traditional lables.