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  1. I agree that there are other techniques and I'm not saying one is better than the other. as to Ted,he does have standing in the absinthe community, which gives my point credibility. That's it, I'm not saying anything else. enjoy your weekend TR.
  2. Thats fine,but Ted with his credentials does validate the technique. As to the fine line of absinthe,I use a brouilleur and have never had any difficulty.
  3. My apologies for not responding sooner I found the History channel program click HERE,then click T.A. Breaux on the history channel,then fast forward the video to 9:07 and judge for yourself. to all TR. P.S. Hey Shabba
  4. I'm not sure exactly where this method got started, but it's not terribly reliable in my experience. The history channel had a show on Absinthe, featuring Ted and the Combier Distillery.At the end of the show, Ted gave a demonstration in the proper way to prepare Absinthe. He used a brouilleur with ice and he added water until the louche was complete, and then stated that once it is cloudy from bottom to top,the Absinthe is ready to drink. I also noticed that a lot of antique glasses may have dose marks but no water marks, this also holds true for reproductions. In pictures and posters from the Belle Epoque era they use a carafe to pour water it their drink either over a spoon containing a sugar cube or just pouring directly into the glass with no visible means of measuring except for the louche. Even in the famous Pontarlier poster the louche goes beyond the etching on the glass. But for me, I got the idea when I used a measuring cup and noticed that if it was 2:1 or 3:1 it finished at a complete louche (no clear line) and no more. This indicated to me that this the base from which you decide if you need to add sugar or more water. I found that the clear line meant it was under watered and that gave the drink a raw unpleasant taste. Well Hiram, I hope this helps, but if not, please let me known TR.
  5. I use a 2oz shot glass and sometimes a measuring cup,2to1 is 4oz of water and 3to1 is 6oz of water. You can also just pour until the Absinthe is louched. Which means there is no clear absinthe, not any floating on top. I use a brouilleur with crushed and cubed ice. P.S. Put the measuring cup in a ziplock bag and put it in the freezer. That way the water will stay as cold as it started.
  6. I've pre louched on many occasion and it's fine. As long as it's only for 2 to 3 hours and in a thermos. If you want pack a glass,I've done that to. It generally takes me an hour to finish a drink. I like to sip slowly, other than the drink gets warm it's fine. As to being with his sweetie, I'd say that's personal. He can bond and be supportive and still have his thing. Working to hard in a relationship can ruin it. relationships need a balance of give and take along with trust and understanding. Remember they're two separate individuals with their own interests. If he chooses to join his sweetie that's fine.But if he chooses to bring a thermos that's fine to,it's up to what works for them.
  7. Residual root beer and montemarte, now that will make you grimace and twitch.
  8. I use a thermos. first I prepare my Absinthe then put it in the thermos(already cooled) and I use the cup on top. put it in my backpack and I'm good to go. You can also use more than one thermos for variety.
  9. F.Y.I. I found little white specks in the bottom of my Duplais. But not in any other Absinthe in my bar and I have 9 other Absinthes. The point is that 1. I think it was from the air conditioning. Since I can't figure any other reason for it. The air conditioner was on high for long periods. 2. Duplais was the only one with specks. Which means that not all Absinthes get specks at the same temp. I tried shaking the bottle(there was only 2oz left) once it warmed up.And the specks did not get reconstituted it just got cloudy. The taste was not harmed but the texture was. You can feel the specks or the shaken specks. My suggestion is leave the specks at the bottom of the bottle. Then when you're at you're last glass strain them out. Hope this helps to all
  10. Did anyone see the segment about Absinthe and the Combier distillery on the history channel, channel#17 cable repeat at 2:00am episode-The Christian Brothers Distillery to all
  11. Most of my friends can take it or leave it. Except for 2 vegetarians who are also musician. There first taste of Absinthe was Duplais and they loved it. Being vegetarians the herbal taste is a big part of there cuisine. So Duplais fit right in along with Lucid and Brevin. I'm trying to get them to join the society.
  12. Hi all I just purchased a small sample of Dornier - Tuller. This purchase has caused havoc with my budget. But since I missed the 1905 Pernod Fils, there was no way I was letting this batch get past me. So I just went for it. Yes this is exciting, a taste of history to all
  13. Hey elfn Did you ever find you're decoder ring to you and yours