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  1. OK, kudos. I should have known you'd be able to source that. Identifiable is what I was going for. Let me make a couple requests, by far less common. Obviously, nothing to do with the topic, and I'll stop after this, but.... "The Lost Elixir" by George Griffith. Whatever you find by T. L. Sherred. Find them online, downloadable, and you'll be a SciFi god. By the way, read Sherred, and you'll be changed, I think. I was. Sound & the Fury did it to me too. As did Flannery O'Connor, as did Doris Lessing. Just a few. I love lit. If you want to imply an obscure source of Harlan Ellison's I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream, go for the adventure game by that name.
  2. Is the Pee Wee Herman Show available on DVD?
  3. Wow. Thanks, guys. I’ve been busy discovering a life via a vacation amongst family, so hence the belated acknowledgement. No internet, no PC, not even absinthe, tho I did manage to revalidate the flattened smilie emoticon via the blue agave connection. Amazing how alcohol seems to consistently provoke the same condition, ± any so-called magical synergistic effects of distillate additives. Or not so amazing. One thing for sure, the stuporific impact grows more telling with each passing year. But you’ll find out. I appreciate all of your warm sentiments here.
  4. Blast from the past. From April '05: 1. Jade Suisse Verte 65 2. Jade Edouard 72 3. Jade Nouvelle-Orléans 68 4. Suisse La Bleue Clandestine 53 5. Kübler 53 6. Blanche de Fougerolles 74 7. Verte de Fougerolles 72 8. Montmarte 65 9. Un Emile Sapin 68 10. Segarra Absenta 45 The Eddie, Clandestine and Montmartre were then relatively new.
  5. Thought you might have had an in with Claude-Alain as a merchant or barrique collaborator. Do you actually buy any individual bottles of absinthe retail to drink?
  6. I like my women bitter. My absinthe has to be lanced and irrigated. Buttered up bosses, natch. Soured relationships with beef sausage. Grated expectations on life’s carrots. I like to take my sweet thyme with chores. Several grains of salt with my internet. Dark forebodings give me gas.
  7. The hair just stood up on the back of my neck. Thanks alot. Not gonna think about it.
  8. Sweets for my sweet, Sugar for my honey... Might fill spoons full of coffee, Fill spoons full of tea. But just a little spoon of your precious love; Is that enough for me?
  9. Welcome, and that’s louche of ambrosia
  10. Sounds like all roads lead through drinking more and lotsa fountain parties.
  11. Markus, have you had occasion to compare the two?
  12. Well. you just keep those peepers on-line now, you hear?
  13. They're the only ones that have it, to my knowledge. Has Markus added the Duplais and/or the Clandestine Barrique? Haven't checked any vendor sites in a while. My point was more directed to the price for such a dubious flavor enhancement. That's not going to change much.
  14. The oak aged absinthe is spendy. Almost $50 (40 Eur) for 200 ml at Alandia for the Clandestine product (Absinthiana Barrique 53°)
  15. Couple of comments re. your email: Sebor is not actually a "low quality" brewed absinthe, it's a macerated and filtrated product, varying process temperature, that is not representative of the absinthe as defined by belle epoque distillation method but actually an altogether different alcoholic product. Quality of the herbs and alcohol used is moot, and may actually be high. Citing just the Jades and Clandestine is rather restrictive, given the plethora of quality absinthes that have appeared over the last year or two. Also citing Un Emile as an alternative is also not very indicative of later and better commercial efforts, but perhaps more of your own experience. Thujone to my knowledge is not especially hallucinogenic at excessive levels. It is a neurotoxin that causes convulsions, neural arrest and subsequent death, if excessive enough.
  16. I thought MS was an absolute detection method, since a unique fragmentation pattern can be assigned to each component. Is it about column separation?
  17. Finally opened my 1¼ year old Jade Suisesse yesterday evening on a whim. I missed cracking it over the Xmas holidays, and somehow I knew it wasn’t going to survive another year, regardless of having sat in the refrigerator since I got it. There were some fine sediment on the bottom, but after I shook the bottle, they remained suspended. My initial reaction is how much it reminded me of Kallnacher Red, most likely because of the gentiane. That impression lingered with me throughout, altho I started to distinguish some “noggish” character after a fashion. Actually it wasn’t all that bad, probably because of my Red preconditioning.
  18. I wiill say that the marc spirit base was extra incentive to lay in the new Duplais Blanche and the Prototype #27, so at least the perception of marketable quality is there. Whether or not that actually translates into a marked difference in complementary taste is yet to be determined, since I haven’t cracked either of those bottles. Jade has other issues for me, so it’s hard to draw a distinction.
  19. Coriander or perhaps damiana or even peppermint?
  20. They’re pretty critical of the Capricieuse over at Absinth Guide. Even tho it’s based on the same Charlotte recipe as the 53, it’s supposedly a lot thinner in the herbal department, the implication being that Bugnon diluted with neutral alcohol to final product abv. Knowing this, I mixed my first drink of it Saturday night for laundry, just 4 oz. of the Cap and 12 oz. of water along with a handful of ice in a SS travel mug. Going mainly for the alcoholic concentration after dilution from the ice melting, and I didn’t want to waste my Bd’A on such a heretical down and dirty louching technique. The first sip was surprising full bodied and sweet, maybe because of floating globules of anethole from its condensation on the ice and its subsequent melting, but the last of the drink was still tasty and ample. A pleasant surprise, considering my expectations. Of course I’ll try again under more optimal conditions, but I don’t think I’m disappointed with my purchase.
  21. I got stuck on a great great grandmixer line of thot, butta should have seen the 'sol' connection. Or not.
  22. Wasn’t Ted touting his production Jades as solera type blending?