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  1. I just realized I never posted after buying my hookah. Shabba gave great advice, and southsmoke took good care of me. I bought a 24 inch single hose in a lovely cobalt blue egyptian pattern. Shisha in rose, double apple and melon finished the order. The smoking is great. A very different experience from my usual cigars. I am really fond of pairing my hookah smoking with a good Gin and Tonic (my favorite summertime drink - it has been running in the upper nineties to low hundreds here...). The learning curve is pretty simple and it is great fun trying different "fillers" in the hookah. I love the rose shisha with iced tea in the hookah - the ice makes a very cool and satisfying smoke and the flavor pairs well with the rose shisha. Alyssa, hopefully I can make the next SoCal event (my Dad is doing much better) and I will order another hose and bring the hookah and some shisha along!
  2. It's Millers time! OK, that was bad. Still, Millers is a must try - I like that cucumber flavor, if only for certain drinks. Robert, thanks for the info on Beefeaters, nice to know. It makes sense to me that the brand would change somewhat.
  3. Sippong my second glass of Lucid...earlier it was a fine Beffeater's Martini. I really like the way gin preceeds absinthe. Of course, it can lead to drunk posting, which shall commence if number three round of Lucid is dripped. Actually, I don't know about posting but the Lucid is calling.
  4. Agreed on that, I just love gin and don''t find any need to keep just a couple. In fact, my gin selection is growing almost as fast as absinthe. On the good Doctor's recommendation I grabbed a bottle of Beefeater's and was very plesantly surprised - I don't remember it being that tasty. Maybe my appreciation for gin has grown up a bit? All I can say is it made a darn good martini! On the saffron gin front, tomorrow I plan on finding the correct flying monkeys to provide a bottle...
  5. For a martini I stick with Plymouth. For G&T I really like Junipero (great well rounded "gin" flavor - what I want gin to taste like with tonic) with Boodles a close second. I like Hendrick's for the Cucumber Martini when I want one, but my wife loves it for a Tom Collins (with a touch of Marachino Syrup). When we have company and it goes across the board, I stick with the old original Bombay. 'Tis great fun trying new gins - it is great when you find a new one you like (like Junipero). Saffron Gin??? I am now on a mission, I love saffron and it sounds yummy in gin. If I had to pick one gin and only one gin? I would be VERY sad!
  6. I take my youngest son (he is 13) out to dinner every Thursday night - sushi at least once a month and it almost always breaks $100...Our favorite is Aji sashimi- that lovely little spanish mackerel - with a spicy ginger dipping sauce. They fry the bones in tempura to finish up. Oh so good!
  7. I love lobster. If cockroaches taste like lobster, they better watch out in my house. Of course, my gecko seems to think they are pretty tasty...hmmmmm.
  8. Another crazy day. So I am calling for another round of Juniepero & Fever Tree tonic - my new fav G&T. Later, it will be a PF1901...
  9. I don't know about online, but BevMo has the Fever Tree and it is seriously great stuff.
  10. Delicious and nutritious, tastes just like chicken!
  11. I really like the Junipero. It is a nice change, very smooth and very flavorful. Of course, my wife seems to think it a bit much to have Junipero join with Plymouth, Boodles, Bombay, Tanqueray, and Hendricks in the cooler. What can I say? I like gin. Alot. Fever Tree is the big hit - it is a whole new world of tonic water for this old boy. All I can say - go buy some. I agree with dessert - absinthe follows gin quite well (and quite frequently in these parts).
  12. Just returned from BevMo and poured a G&T with Junipero gin and Fever Tree Tonic Water...this is the start of a beautiful friendship.
  13. Funny! Last night we had cucmber martinis and finished off the bottle of Hendrick's. I will agree that is does not make a very good g and t, but I love it in a cucmber martini. I tried it in a Tom Collins and decided that it was not bad, but not as good as Plymouth or Boodles. Even if it is a one-drink pony, I am off to BevMo to get another bottle.
  14. Sipped a Chimay Red while grilling some tri-tip and yellow zucchini (basted with bay & basil infused olive oil), fresh sweet corn too! Then Strawberry Shortcake to pack it all in tightly. Next up, round one with that Lucid stuff...
  15. I have tried the Pinars and find them most tasty - especially for the price. A very nice looking cigar as well. I tried them at a Cigar Dinner back when they were released and have kept a few in the humidor ever since. If only those Black Dragons were a bit more exclusive! Really, FIVE boxes????
  16. If anyone wants to trade goodies, I'm sure willing...
  17. I'm impressed! Of course, now I will have to try - "just because"...
  18. They are not maduros, but I just received a box of Ramone Allones Small Club Coronas from a small island (09/06 production) and they are one of the best small cigars I have had in a long time. Plenty of taste for a 42 ring. A real bang for your buck smoke!
  19. CLB sitting out by the pool earlier with a Ramon Allones, now a 1901 before I toddle off to bed.
  20. I ordered some as well...now the wait begins! No flying monkies - just a big brown van.
  21. Something to do with doggie poo???
  22. Any of the Padron Maddies - especially the '26s.