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    Minnecolda for now. NoCal Expatriate
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    Home brewing,fishing, Photography,Paranormal,tattoos,watching cheesy horror films and of course Absinthe.
  1. LeRoy


    Hehehe! Happy belated, Ben!
  2. LeRoy


    Indeed! Thanks, Ben!
  3. LeRoy


    Oh, I'll bring it! No, really, I'll bring it with me the next time we head out that way! it
  4. LeRoy


    Thank you, everyone! I had a nice day visiting with an uncle that I haven't seen in 20 years. We were able to see my father and grandmother in their rehab facilities. Car accidents suck. Followed up with a nice dinner with a few friends and now some relaxation. Oh, I received a new fly rod from Sheri and the kids. Look out Joe!
  5. LeRoy

    Distillery Wench

    Happy Birthday, Jules! Hugs from all of us here.
  6. LeRoy

    I really do exist...

    KATE! Hello! Yeah, FAC104 should drop by once in a while. Although, I should talk. Real life has taken some turns for me and I don't get around much any more.
  7. Happy Birthday young lady!
  8. I hope you were able to find a bit of cheers for your birthday, my friend!
  9. LeRoy

    Vieux Carre

    I'm a Californian living in Minnesota, so I feel your pain. Although, there are a few decent places in the Minneapolis area. It has been a while since I purchased a bottle of VC, but a few weeks ago I had a few tastes of it with friends and I still enjoy it.
  10. Happy Birthday, Princess!
  11. LeRoy

    green thumb

    My garden has lots of wormwood growing around it. No bitter tomato's yet! I don't have any genepi yet. There's a nice place (far away from the pontica) ready for them, though.
  12. LeRoy

    Doc's Day

    Have a wonderful birthday, young lady!
  13. LeRoy

    What ya drinking tonight?

    A little cheap red wine this evening.