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  1. Just got mine, I know it was just created in April and it's a bit early but anyone try there's yet? Any thoughts and or comments? I haven't opened it yet. Looking to wait about 3 or 4 months.
  2. Dammit! I have been growing Powis Castle instead of the real thing. Anyone have about ten seeds of the real stuff you could send me? I'll pay for shipping and whatnot. Those who know the types of absinthe, can you look at these and tell me what it is? First Photo Second photo. Third photo - color off a bit - leaves not as shiny as in picture. And the last one. Please let me know what you think. I planted late last year and its come up this year, strong growth, likes its spot but looks NOTHING like the other pictures you guys posted.
  3. Did you draw this illustration? What software? I like it a lot. If you would, PM me with whatever info you have about making this image. Please!
  4. Hiram, when were those pictures take? Mine look nothing like that. I think I have a small bush of Powis Castle. I was hoping to see what the a.a. was like. Guess not.
  5. WHAT? You may want to look here. He has a few... I'm very sorry about that. I didn't mean to imply that you did not. If anyone knew it would be you and TheGreenImp. No insult was meant. And, while I'm apologizing, I accidentally called TheGreenImp "Gimp" - and trust me - it was a mistake while typing. OK, that is all.
  6. It's moments like these that change us forever in one way or another. Sorry to hear this.
  7. I found some similar ones that are made. Lead crystal. These are just my personal preference - not perfect imitations: I like this one and it's pretty close. A cool modern version? I like this one too.
  8. These guys. "They" would be the creators and city which it was born. Not many bars outside of New Orleans even know how to make one. And the cognac/rye whiskey comment came from this: "Around 1870, a gentleman by the name of Thomas Handy took over as proprietor of the Sazerac House, and the primary ingredient was changed from cognac to rye whiskey due to popular American tastes as well as to the difficulty of obtaining cognac at the time. " From Chuck Taggart, Gumbo Pages And my Sazerac 18-Year-Old Straight Kentucky Rye Whiskey still isn't here! Damn it! Thought it would be today. Tonight, I'm making a pre-1870 Sazerac with Hennessy XO.
  9. Both Pierre Ferrand Amber and Martell XO. There's a bottle of the Sazerac 18 on its way to me I bought last week and am dieing to try it.
  10. In making an authentic Sazerac: First created to about 1870's they used various Cognacs After 1870 is was almost exclusively Old Overholt which has a very nice flavor (since 1965 it hasn't been that great) I've had both they old and newer Overholts and they are very different but some of that might have had to do with age. I use the Sazerac Straight Rye Whiskey all the time and it's truly wonderful but I wanted to get a bottle of the older Overholt for the authentic Sazerac. Tell the truth, I like it better with a Cognac than Overholt but I still want an older bottle.
  11. Where it was made. I want the older West Overton version before they moved. The taste changed considerably. They stopped producing Old Overholt in Broad Ford after a fire in 1965. So, I am looking for a bottle older than 1965.
  12. Want Old Overholt bottle - pre-1970 In my ongoing pursuit of an authentic Sazerac, I am looking for a bottle of Old Overholt pre 1970. If you have a bottle, know where one is (besides ebay), - please PM me.
  13. Ted, you are the one to answer this: are there ANY restrictions to labeling a bottle "Absinthe" in the US , and is there a reason the Lucid is on the lower end of percentages of alcohol other than taxes?