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  1. Thanks, everyone! Happy Birthday to you guys, too!! Why yes, growing up with them two was quite the thing. I plan on doing the same thing for much longer. (Just in a different place sometimes.)
  2. Happy Birthday Ma!! Jamie's got something for ya here!
  3. Haven't seen you in a while, V! *mwah!*
  4. Happy Birthday, Maggiema! I got a hug for ya, but it's delayed for about a week. It'll be there soon. Love ya! :heart:
  5. You're a poet and you didn't have any idea about it!
  6. Thanks everyone!! My lovely wife presented me with a homespun Celtic bracelet and my baby threw up on me. Tonight we're having a red velvet cake with a pint o' B&J and perhaps a prototype or two. (Being T73's offspring certainly has it's pluses!) Cheers you crazy WS'ers!!!
  7. Well, I'm stocked. I'll talk to my wife. But I'm guessing my seven-month old can't hold his gin yet.
  8. Comin' atcha from Indiana. Love ya, Ma. :heart: :heart: :heart:
  9. I've never seen a bottle of mead open and undrunk for longer than a half-hour! Sounds like a rare breed! Did you take pictures??
  10. Nice! Anything that fuses science with drinking is nearly always totally rad.
  11. Advertisements really aren't always known for their accuracy.
  12. When I moved from my home in Montana to my new job and family down south, I was only able to take along what could fit in my car. This included such items as my computer, unicycle, and absinthe goods. Sometimes you have to make due with what you got. Which is why I'm introducing a new fad... TOOLS YOU CAN MAKE WITH EVERYDAY ABSINTHE ITEMS!!! Invention #1: The Spoon Splint Not recommended for serious injuries, this invention will keep minor lacerations closed (like maybe you sliced a finger, say, opening a can of refried beans to side with quesadillas) until you get your stupid freakin' hand to the hospital. Items: - One absinthe spoon - Cotton Pad - Gauze Invention #2: The Torsade Bulb Changer Got a light you can't quite reach? Don't have one of those fancy bulb-grabber-thingies? Fan of Clandestine? Worry no more with this easy-to-make device! Fun for the whole family! Foam insulation strips hold the bulb while the glass rim fits perfectly around! It really works!! Items: - One torsade glass - 3/4" foam weatherstrip - Broom handle - Tape They say necessity breeds invention... What does this say about drinking, I wonder?