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  1. Who needs to drink Thujone to Hallucinate, when you can watch Bjork's videos instead! ;P
  2. I ordered the 3 pack as part of my original purchase. I preferred The Suisse. The Eddy was ok. The NO just had something about it I couldn't appreciate... The 4th Absinthe in my order was La Ptite. I liked it a lot, but I still prefer the Grass-in-a-Glass flavor.
  3. My avatar is one of my many characters from City of Heroes... I have a few fairies: Absynthia Die Gruene Fee and La Fee Verte But mostly I play my japanese ghost, or blind psychic...
  4. I like the black bottle & green eyes. It will look so pretty sitting on a counter next to my other black cats... ;P I must admit, the wbsite is interesting. At least they say that it NEVER should be set on fire!!!
  5. Try Rinder Rouladen, (beef rolls) Sauerbraten (Vinegar Marinated beef) or Jagerschnitzel. (Pork medalilions) Kraut just means cabbage... Sauer is sour. & some who do not like SauerKraut like RotKraut. It is made with red cabbage & is sweeter. Krautsalad is cabbage salad, and also really nummy! I prefer mine still warm.
  6. Hmmm, my edit option vanished.... Well, I suppose some of the blood-sausages can be referred to in the plural... If the waistline is tight enough, you could suspect them of being 2 sausages linked together!
  7. *ears perk up* The artwork is by THAT David Tibet? Oooo.... I didn't know that. Thanks for pointing it out! Granted Duplais Verte is already next on my wish list... I almost bought it 2 weeks ago but we had to go to Vegas. Oh yes. Forced we were... Ooh! The Suffering !!! *back of hand to forehead* ;P (We drove to Prescott & Phoenix too.)
  8. Maybe because the term "Blood sausage" is also used to refer to a women wearing clothes about 5x too small for her?
  9. dinner @ Quarks in Las Vegas: tamarian frost= vanilla vodka, chocolate liquer, butterscotch & cream. the husband had a 'borg queen' (very strong appletini) i will try to post the 'borg sphere' pic at vacations end... ~~~~ *goes back to waiting for the vegas ghost tour to begin...*
  10. The seller has another doll up for auction Burnt Bernadette I like the looks of it better. The face is too big on the green fairy. I guess all the fame (or drink) has gone to her head?
  11. I Buy mine from a British Food place in Campbell But I believe you can order online from them as well...
  12. My husband has got me hooked on German Nougat. (Imagine a chocoalte bar with the flavor of Nutella) I also enjoy belgian chocolates and Cadbury -Mini- Cream Eggs on rare occasions Dark Chocolate-I have to be in the mood for it. White chocolate- Good in small portions. However, more than a few bites of Milk or Dark chocolate make me feel icky. Good thing that I prefer uber-sugary candies... (ie-See's Scotch Kisses: butterscotch-drenched marshmallows!) But what is my favorite? White Chocoalte fondue with Amaretto in it... *drool* Pass the Bananas, Marshmallows, and that long thin fork this way, if you please?
  13. Good ole Giger. Half the time I am amazed at his talent. The other half I consider closing the book because it is almost too groteque to look! The man is really great with black and white. Not many Artists can do monotones well...
  14. The Damned- Grave Disorder... It's like they mixed Vanian's Gothic with Cpt's Punk. I like about 50%...The goth side.... "Absinthe" & "Beauty of the Beast" are the best 2 in my eyes...
  15. Don't worry, Drunk Stumbling has no rhythm, so you aren't in danger of attracting them....