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  1. CurtisG

    Perfect Flask for Absinthe?

    I always carry a flask of Vodka in my car. (among other things, i like to have a wee nip just before i arrive for a dental appointment) Driving to work one day, I discovered the downside of cheap stainless flasks when I realized that my flask was leaking. Almost half the vodka was gone, I could not think of anything else to do but drink the remaining spirit (just a few miles from work). Luckily, no random drug/alcohol test that day.
  2. Well I am really kicking myself in the arse now because I could have ordered some Vilya and maybe a Delaware Phoenix selection from Catskill and had it shipped to our family place here in Montana. Maybe I should get some of the wormwood growing along Rock Creek so I won't go back to Texas empty handed!
  3. We are vacationing this week in Red Lodge.....so close to Kalispell, but yet so far....
  4. CurtisG

    Happy Birthday Curtis!

    Thanks everybody! A few months ago i got so tired of slow ass dialup that i cancelled it. Now i'm back with some high dollar satellite connection that my wife swears she needs for work...
  5. CurtisG

    Rock on, Peridot!

    Happy Birthday Sorry this is late, but I'm sure the party is still going on
  6. CurtisG

    DP Rye Dog bottled and available

    Its not bad, it just seems like after it sits around for awhile its just not as good as when it was right off the still.
  7. CurtisG

    DP Rye Dog bottled and available

    I love "new make" or white dog. Seems like it needs to be used fairly quickly or protected from oxidation (i think that's the right word).
  8. Thats funny....they cant seem to get enough infused Vodkas or $50 Tequilas with gimmicky bottles
  9. CurtisG

    typically new and ignorant with absinthe

    Welcome I am a no sugar, just enough water to louche guy.
  10. CurtisG

    Newbie alert!

  11. CurtisG

    Wishing you a great day!

    have a great day! (it's also my daughters birthday)
  12. CurtisG

    Austin, Texas

    I was actually within the edges of Austin last Saturday. Was heading to Fredericksburg and somehow got on 183 in Lampasas instead of keeping on 281. Looking back now it seems funny but i can promise you my wife was unamused