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  1. Listed along with other substances such as Salvia, jimsonweed and amanitas mushrooms.
  2. I'm sorry, but I can't say I've tried the stuff. Farley Mowat described it in inimitable fashion in his book The Boat Who Wouldn't Float, though; wonderful book.
  3. Rum in Canada? You mean Screech, maybe?
  4. Mix it with coconut cream, pineapple juice and Haagen-Dazs Macadamia Brittle Ice Cream for a variation on a Piña Colada.
  5. Bob

    Not Frenchman!

    Hmm, maybe lead poisoning was the reason for all of the "insanity" that absinthe was famous for, and not the evil ol' thujone?
  6. Are you brave enough to try these concoctions?
  7. MOSCOW (Reuters) - Igor Volodin believes vodka is no more harmful than chocolate. He is proud to be the first Russian to produce the spirit in a special women's version, designed to be sipped with salad after a workout in the gym. For my lungs and heart, I'll spend 20 minutes on the treadmill. I'll perk up the tushy with the stair machine, and work the upper body machines to make my chest look good, and do crunches to keep the abs as a full 6-pack. But what to do for my liver? I know! I'll drink a bottle of vodka!
  8. Bob


    Believe it or not, the Howstuffworks website has an article about steampunk.
  9. There is a nice article on mead published in the current issue of Slate.
  10. 1. In the Gadgets and Gizmos sub-forum, a stickied thread should be available with links to items that can be readily adapted for use with absinthe, such as the Lowe's Mouthwash Dispenser and other improvised fountains. 2. A special thread should be stickied and maintained that contains links to videos of idiots that set themselves afire by using the Czech Fire Ritual. This thread should also be linked to the Wormwood Society F.A.Q, since the Czech Fire Ritual qualifies as a Frequently Asked Question. This thread could be titled Absinth Darwinism. (note how I spelled "absinth," since no one of intelligence would set fire to anything other than Czechsinth, anyway)
  11. Ah! I knew of the cochineal insect from The Swiss Family Robinson, but didn't know it was used in Serpis. Makes sense, once explained. Good, next time I'll yell Beetlejuice! with the rest of you.
  12. The guy on fire screaming and jumping up and down reminded me of that climactic scene from The Wizard of Oz: How about a little fire....retard?
  13. An in-joke that went over my head, obviously. What's the significance?