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  1. Thanks for the welcome! Glad to be back!
  2. Aloha from Hawaii! I used to be a semi-regular here, but got out of touch. I pulled out one of my best bottles of Absinthe tonight and realized how much i miss it. I need to get back into the loop, especially since i'm seeing more Absinthe available in the US and i want to be able to stay informed about what's good and what's not. I'm glad to be back as I sit back and enjoy my Clandestine La Bleu!
  3. Can i ask...what did the description on eBay say? Only because i got the same set of 6 from Goodwill for 99 cents a glass....so $6. I doubt they're anything from the 1900's. I bought them for the beauty too, and because they reminded me of Yvonne glasses. Just curious as to what the eBay seller said about them.
  4. Well since it's sold by home depot, i hardly think it's for Absinthe. I think it's just a basic drink dispenser for parties. Not worth it, i say! I also found This site with a few more spigots.
  5. While searching the home dept website for spigots, i came across this It'll only cost you...$300!!!
  6. The patented cat helmet: NOW AVAILABLE IN ABSINTHE GREEN! Purrfect for when you're trippin' on Absinthe, and you're alone with your kitty. This helmet guarentees Kitty will make it through the night.
  7. I dont watch CSI:NY . I only watch CSI: Miami, and sometimes CSI. But i'm a total Law and Order girl! But haven't seen NY. I think it's on when some other show i rather watch is on. To answer your question before my rambling. I heard something about that a few weeks ago. I believe in was in this forum somewhere.
  8. I like that one! It's vulgar, yet sounds very proper. Poodle Piss. I can see Marry Poppins saying it. "But i'm not tired!" "Poodle Piss! Go to sleep children" ...Lovely!
  9. ha ha! Not nice! But true. Though i'm glad it was louched and he wasn't drinkin it straight. The stuff in the bottle was a little too brightly green, but it was being consumed correctly...i guess if it was "real absinthe green" some people wouldnt know what it was.
  10. Just turned my head to look at the TV [in which Carnival is on]....and there's the blind guy drinking Absinthe. Yay!
  11. This is all i have so far. And a 2 mini bottles of La Fee [i've never tried it, just like collecting mini bottles]. My next purchase is going to be a good Verte....any suggestions would be appreciated!
  12. I was being sarcastic with my questions.... Nothing is more romantic than black ass wipe. Now the real question....where can i get some Absinthe SAXOPHONE Reeds...or Guitar Strings...thats more my style! :guitar:
  13. Too much trouble, and too long of a wait. It's nice to see a site offering prices in US dollars, but if i gotta order from somwhere else i will. It's not a HUGE problem, just a bummer.