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  1. Hello Everyone. I think I first came to these forums 8 months ago and since then have been so busy with other projects that I'm just getting back to the forums for the first time since things are settling down for me. My first bottle of absinthe was a glory to behold. Never thought I would enjoy it so much but I did. I'm getting ready to order a few more bottles here in about a week. If anyone wants to throw suggestions at me thats more then fine. I had a bottle of the Jade PF last time and it was amazing but costly. Looking to get more for my buck and get a few bottles this time around. Anyway, I live in Michigan. I'm into all sorts of stuff from art and music to swords and computers. And to end this whole thing off just wanted to say thanks for helping me make my first drink of absinthe a good one as oppose to so many horror stories I've heard.
  2. This is the kind of stuff that my dreams have always been made of. Steampunk, Industrial, Giger! Oddly enough it makes me think of video games I played growing up as a child. Video games like, Final FantasyXI was totally a steampunk setting ect.
  3. the lady fell asleep before I even got home from work, so i decided to get into the bottle myself. WTF with the cork though it was a complete nightmare. I'm going to have to pick up some corks tomorrow. First Impressions. * Reminded of Jagermeister (in first smell and taste, I drink Jager quite often in a half glass with ice.) * interesting watching it louche. * I never really felt like i was drinking liquor, but my head sure felt like it after two glasses. * Has a taste that seems like it would go well with a cigar or pipe tobacco. (Any suggestions?) * Enjoyable for myself but I do not think my girlfriend will enjoy it one bit.
  4. Because it's 9:40 AM? Ah yes but when ou are working several night shifts it tends to feel much like 9:40pm.
  5. Shiza. She knows me too well all of the corkscrews are missing.
  6. Why did I promise the lady of the house I would wait for her :(
  7. Then don't post about it in a public forum. Megalo, it's not that people don't like going to the post office, it's that they want to actually receive their package. That's not as likely when shipping by USPS. One thing I found out recently is that in some cases, the package is shipped by courier, and then handed off to USPS by the courier for the final part of the journey. Absinthe aside, shipping alcohol through the mail is illegal. Especially after you tell the clerk that your package contains nothing flamable or explosive. This whole thing is kinda of strange and thats the first thing that half makes sense because i did have this shipped Courier...
  8. I know several people do not like to go down to the post office to pick it up. Has something honestly happened down there before? i get this feeling I'm going to be spending all morning up waiting for them to deliver this , i honestly wish I had an idea of when they attempted to deliver.
  9. Just got up at 2pm apparently the USPS attempted to deliver my package (says i can either wait and they will try again tomorrow or i can come down and get it at the post office) i wish i knew what time they attempted to deliver or when they would attempt to deliver it tomorrow. I have a late shift tonight and tomorrow night.
  10. I hate waiting for the flying monkeys.
  11. Welcome! I am waiting on my first order to! 1901. Can not wait to see what it is like!
  12. I Probably would have shipped more if i had more pocket change to dump on it. In the middle of several big projects and just do not have much spare cash in my pocket (not to mention I have never tasted absinthe and have no idea just how big the obsession will be )
  13. thanks. Its a detail of a Chad M. Ward piece his website is http://www.digitalapocalypse.com/ He does mostly Album covers and photo/film for high profile bands, but his independent work is just as amazing.
  14. US Law can be so stupid sometimes I would only imagine it could take some one a life time of work just to amend some old law that doesn't even hold up to reason anymore.