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  1. I can see you are a nice guy, it doesn't take making enemies to attract predators on the internet. Maybe you mentioned you had a nice absinthe collection somewhere along the line online and somebody decided to get it. Honestly it sounds like the work of teenagers possibly someone in your neighborhood or possibly a neighborhood not too far away that has some ghetto elements. I live in a good neighborhood yet there is a bad one within walking distance and we have had drug dealers decide that across the street from me is a good place to hang out at the apartments and do their business. Unfortunately too many people are turning a blind eye when they should be calling the police. Anyway, I'm sure you have learned some lessons and that may be worth its weight in gold in the big picture. Be aware of your surroundings, be aware of your neighborhood, who knows you might catch them doing the same thing to a neighbor and you will have due justice with the aid of the police.
  2. I'll bet some of those go back pretty far. Thanks for the post.
  3. I don't know if anybody has said this already because I only scanned the entire thread. 1. They probably know you and have been in your house before. 2. You said you have done renovations, did you have contractors in the house? 3. Why did they put holes in your wall? What were they looking for? A safe, a secret room? 4. They trashed the computer in case you might have hidden cameras hooked to it. 5. Maybe they targeted you from stuff you said on the internet and they got your address easily. Just some things to think about. Also, watch out for them hitting you again which means you may need to invest in an alarm system if you don't already have one.
  4. I'm spoiled, got tired of holding a bar shaker and dripping it wasn't easy. My first fountain was a Walmart mouthwash dispenser that worked well but had to be put on stilts to be high enough for the glass. I also had to fill it full of glass beads to bring the water level up. My wife got tired of looking at it and bought me a real fountain, now that's all I use because it's just so convenient and much more pleasing to the eye.
  5. Those guys were funny but you gotta hand it to them for enthusiasm and at least they had something way better than KoS that you can now find advertised in Shotgun News.
  6. So that's what messed him up and made him the Dali we all know and love! I'm going to have to keep my eyes peeled for that book. I have been studying his work for years and his life was anything but boring.
  7. Le Fee was my first and not bad for a first I guess. I made the mistake of getting some German Tabu later and still haven't finished it for being so awful. Keep looking for at least Lucid or something. I don't know what your import laws are, if you can import by all means get something good and decent. Duplais comes to mind.
  8. Smack dab in the middle of the evil triangle, DC, Annapolis, Baltimore
  9. I just realized that you are from Sillycon Valley. I lived there for many years and saw all kinds of good businesses fold. Remember Mongo's downtown? Remember Zanato's grocery store? San Jose Live? I mean when a very nice grocery store goes out of business or a fantastic Mongolian stir fry restaurant in an area that would seem to be upscale, you know something is wrong. If you can get a place in Los Gatos or Saratoga, some place like that, you will have a chance. You will have to go where the money is.
  10. Location, location, location. I've talked to one liquor dealer and he won't even stock it anymore because it's not moving off the shelves due to price. I would recommend that your location be in an upscale area with a clientele that can bare the price to patronize your establishment. You do not want to take the current economy lightly and the creature comforts are suffering, at least the more expensive ones are. Just playing devils advocate. I think location will be your most important factor granting that you can get a license in the first place.
  11. As others have already mentioned... I would just add one thing...in a proper Scottish accent you demand that the fluid "get in my belly!"
  12. Maybe I'm over simplfying but it seems whatever tastes good firstly and adheres to the general standards of traditional absinthe processing can be considered absinthe. It also appears, at least on the surface, that the faux abinths and their ilk invariably deviate from the tradtional process and thus render themselves invalid as true absinthe's. I have enjoyed reading this thread as it has unfolded to the most infinitesimal detail. Please don't let me derail it to over simplification. I think Hiram, I mean Gstone has really nailed it though, after all he has seen the debate from every side imaginable. I am but an egg.
  13. I disagree with spring water being a problem but I guess you have to consider the source. Our spring water comes from the rolling hills of PA and is very good spring water IMHO. I've lived all over the US and consider myself a little picky about my water and found PA's water to be just dandy for me. Whomever said tapwater should bite their tongue, thats just blasphemy. Believe me I used to sell water filtration systems and did scads of research into tap water and delved deep into the EPA's reports and must tell you that general tap water is hazardous to your health at worst and just kind of gross at best.
  14. I will have to try some of those Domino Dots. Here I have Domino in my backyard and never noticed those dots on the store shelves. The big electric Domino sugar sign is my favorite sign that hangs out helping light the Baltimore Inner Harbor. A full size sugar cube does seem just a tad too sweet for me
  15. I've been fortunate to have a liquor dealer in my general AO that ordered some Kübler for me so that's what I'm drinking tonight. I prefer it to the Lucid that is also available in these parts.