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  1. Welcome from a Texarkanian! (well close to Texarkana...) I'm thinking there should be another Texas get together soon...I sadly was unable to join last year's get together.
  2. The "talk page" for the Absinthe article on wikipedia is nauseating at best. I really don't see how Ari, Shabba, and Alan put up with as much of that crap as they did... The little part that pisses me off is: "As I mentioned a false category has been created called Bohemian Absinth on Wikipedia. Which is full of bias, hatred, and inneundo. It was re- written, following complaints. It is now highly provacative, designed to damage legal competitors, and is born of animosity. It's intention is to provoke and cause damage."
  3. I've been horribly lucky. I came within an inch of buying Fruko Schulz as my first bottle, luckily (or unluckily, however you want to look at it) I at least bought a bottle of La Fee. Though not a "good" Absinthe, it's still fortunate that I picked it over Schulz... That being said, I've never had an Absinthe I just didn't like, but my least favorites are: Lucid (the aroma is just bizarre to me...I can't really say why) Montmartre (I have to be in the mood) and of course La Fee I've thought about buying some small bottles of "Absinth" from Alandia just to educate myself, but I haven't found a time yet where I've had money to throw away...
  4. Congratz on your first tastes! You had a much better introduction than I did...My first purchase was La Fee I would follow your own advice in your last thread and order a bottle of Kübler, it's cheap and I honestly like it better than Lucid. As far as European brands are concerned, I would definitely give Jade PF1901 a try, it's in my top favorites. I also suggest trying Duplais Verte at some point, it's my all time favorite.
  5. It was hilarious (if it's the one thinking of). The CGI fairy and ship were awesome. Welcome to the forum!
  6. Ha! you beat me to it, I was about to post something about this, I ran into it a week ago, but forgot all about it. If I could actually find a place that sells it I might try it just out of pure curiosity.
  7. ...$2,895.11 Even if I did, any ideas on how old it is? Or is it any good? I guess it could be made anywhere from the late 19th century up to the early 90s. Rather vague.
  8. hell, maybe I should use my tax return money and pick up a bottle (most of it was going to be spent on Absinthe anyways) Haha Take one for the team.
  9. I'm yet to try the XS line, I almost tried it until I seen the price. Has anyone actually tried it?
  10. I would like to try some, but I'm weary of throwing down $70-80 for a bottle of Absinthe that everyone seems so divided on...
  11. I definitely had to increase the water ratio on the NO...it just didn't taste right otherwise. It's a really good Absinthe, but it's my least favorite of the Jades (with my favorite being 1901). The Blanchette is really, really good as well.
  12. If by "bad ass" you mean scary as freaking hell...
  13. Welcome! I tried the "fire ritual" once just for the hell of it. Thank god it was on a bottle of La Fee and not something that actually tasted very good. I wasn't overly fond of the taste of burnt sugar...
  14. Wow, I'm actually about an hour or so away from Mt. Pleasant