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  1. "Absinthe Original King of Spirits" fakesinthe Hey Forumites, It's been a slow day. Lately I've been Facebook spammed by the above purveyors of fake absinthe. How about dropping them a comment on their Facebook page telling them what real absinthe drinkers think of their product.
  2. I just saw this on the web: https://www.lovescotch.com/p/pacifique-absinthe-verte-superieure You may want to call them to verify.
  3. Thanks for asking. At this time we do not have any online distribution. I do know that Pacifique is available in the Washington DC area through Roanoke Valley Distributors.
  4. Interesting. I tend to agree with both Hedonmonkey and Patient Explorer on this issue. As a producer of absinthe myself, I can see the absolute horror the Swiss producers were trying to inflict on all other producers. Truly an issue of greed. On the other hand, I'm a "forgive-and-forget" kind of guy. Personally, I still won't give them a dime.
  5. Nope. Sent the sample to the TTB a few months back and haven't heard a thing.
  6. Interesting take on this. From my own personal standpoint, I agree 100% with your post, except I like to leave a bit more absinthe in the glass. At the distillery we've been working (for quite a while now) on a line of cocktail bitters. We've come upon a historical recipe/process for a tropical style (think Creole or what Peychaud's was before artificial coloring), that IMHO, is superior to Peychauds. If you ever happen to visit the Seattle area (any of you), please feel free to meet up with me and I'll let you taste.
  7. As I have met several store managers who also have offered me weird stories about "American" absinthe. Usually it goes along the line that distributor (who is offering the European-made absinthes) tells them that if they want the "real thing" then they have to go with the Euro stuff.
  8. The first batch of the blanche is aging as we speak.
  9. Welcome. I believe that Duplais and Pacifique were sold in Texas a few years back, but if you are referring to being the first to produce an absinthe in the great state of Texas than congratulations. We wish you much success.
  10. Feel free to contact me. Typically discussion about home-made absinthe is a non-starter here due to home distilling is illegal in the USA, and dumping herbs in vodka doesn't make absinthe.