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  1. There seems to be a real generation gap with absinthe. These kids did not have the benefit of Silent's upbringing. I would try and educate them but that is like herding cats.
  2. An absinthe drinker was walking up the side of a river and saw another absinthe drinker walking down stream on the opposite bank, "How do I get to the other side." he shouted, and the other one said...
  3. Just remember the cool guys cut off the left ear. Cutting off the right means something else. And welcome to the habit.
  4. Hello masterPC, I think mine is called the "original" but I am too "paying the price for last night" to be sure. I thought about getting a lady fountain, how is the casting detail on the girly?
  5. Bastid! ye call me that when i'm sober an not typin witrh one hand held o'r m eye! Been watchin westterns and drinkin stout aaaal night . yyeeeee haa!!
  6. Thank you for the vital information, I think I shall chill some water, sit out on the porch in the warm sun(78degrees), and watch the commuters drive by. As for the cat on ass thing I will stop when they make self ambulatory, fur lined TP that I can afford.
  7. I should be getting my first fountain today from Maison d'absinthe and I was wondering if there are any special care issues that I should know about. I remember reading (but do not remember where) that the glass globe on a fountain can be cracked from being cooled down too fast, is this an issue? Ah, the flying monkeys man is in the driveway
  8. So, is Czech laudanum the xit? Need it be burnt?
  9. Absinthe! Parisian slums! Prostitutes! Sounds good.
  10. Do not let us "know how it comes out" let us know where to buy it. :D
  11. Congrats on the homeowner thing Larspeart, and as for living in Minnesota, it will make you strong. Growing up in Santa Barbara has left me a fragile flower.
  12. Oh my goodness, when I was younger I was visiting my brothers farm and he had a guest over. He offered her coffee and just as she asked for milk I finished the last drop. I took her cup out to the barn, caught a goat and gave it two squeezes. I do not think she liked that, she was kind of citified.