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  1. Welcome to the forum. Haven't been here too much, lately. Drinkupny is an excellent workaround!
  2. I know this is posted in the sorta wrongish place... but what the heck. Happy Birthday even if you are dead yet and still.
  3. Hiram... that's a fascinating (and impressive) collection of facts. I suspect the recent stock market doings will drive many others to drink. We might attend the next one.
  4. Cool! Thanks everyone. bluescat said I must check in for this. I've been busy researching retirement and single malt Scotch. Looks like a lot of research. Wouldn't it be odd if someone WAS dead yet but kept logging in?
  5. Scuto, fun to hear from you. We took care of an estate on Church St. near Nobska beach. We like Seattle a lot (Generally, we dislike cities a lot) and we LOVE the Olympic Peninsula. Our town, in particular.
  6. Now that's funny stuff, right there. I don't care who you are.
  7. We saw the show and liked it a lot. No love for the current administration. No surprise there!!! Here's another Emeril story for you, T73. When he had his Orlando place built... he wanted authenticity. That meant cooks, waiters, etc. from NO. As he hired them, he told them to ask their parents AND grandparents if they would like to move also. He paid for it all to keep the families together. Seems to be a driven guy. I like him.
  8. Welcome to the forum. Bluescat and I lived in Woods Hole for ten years. The fact that Absinthe is available in a store there (or anywhere ) is incredible. You will learn a great deal here.
  9. You must mean downloaded with emule or got from Pirate Bay. Yeah, that must be where they get it.
  10. Some people insist on remaining ignorant. Might be a requirement for state employment. Nice to speak with you again, by the way.
  11. We didn't order anything. But I did talk to the moron at the state liquor store who explained (at length) that Absinthe is illegal. It was a miserable discussion that raised my blood pressure and gave him an education that didn't take. Jeez! The fishing regulations are pissing me off too. I don't get pissed off, dammit.
  12. I'm sure the story is true. Not at all certain how prevalent the method might be.