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  1. I noticed on the Lion he's got a 1 liter bottle of the Verte now for $75. And the Balance you mentioned. That thing's got a crazy label. Is it a dinosaur in a Chinese kung fu outfit? Wtf? Least it's in my price range...
  2. Thank you! I actually just came back to ask if I should just pay the extra $20 for a Jade or save cash and go for the Mont. Looks like you read my mind. What do you mean by atypical? Is it the cinnamon specifically? Anyway, guess that settles it. Now, do they still give money for blood these days or...? Ah, and awesome brouilleur, btw. Something tells me that thing is going to be really expensive, but I imagine it's worth it considering it's hypnotizing while sober. The way the legs perch on the glass remind me of something out of War Of the Worlds. My cats would probably freak out and destroy it
  3. Thanks everybody. I knew there was someone to blame, I just didn't think I'd run into them! Heh. No worries. Probably a week or two before I commit myself to that new bottle anyway... still lookin' at that Jade
  4. Hey all. The mystique surrounding absinthe has sucked me into this little world, probably like it did for a lot of people. Anything that gets banned for supposedly degenerating an entire society will tend to pique interest, I think. At least it did mine. Recently, that interest was sparked again thanks to a trip to New Orleans for my birthday. New Years in the Big Easy... that was interesting. I was hoping I'd some how run across absinthe there, what with it being a pretty liberal town and once the "absinthe capital of the world", so I did a little reading at places like this and La Fee Vert (which I'm thankful to have around), and found that I was sadly mistaken. Naive of me, I guess. I had no idea there were was such a thriving absinthe culture around, though, and I had no idea websites existed to order it from. So my birthday was celebrated a little early with a bottle of Lemercier Amer. And that's where I am now. I have a new favorite alcoholic beverage and my bank account is trembling in fear. It's really exciting to know stuff like Jade NO is out there, stuff based on original recipes more or less. As a history geek, getting your hands on original absinthe is sort of like shaking hands with a pirate, it's this mysterious part of the past you thought was lost forever... only now you can order it and have it on your doorstep within a week. Crazy. I think my next major purchase will either be a bottle of Montmartre or a Jade... and a dripper. Speaking of, if anyone reads this and knows where to find some drippers in stock and at a reasonable price, help a guy out. I've been making do by holding a slightly-cracked bottle of water over my glasses of absinthe, and while I'm proud of my determination and patience... damn, what a pain in the ass! Thanks!
  5. Just wanted to say, my very first bottle of absinthe (last month) was Lemercier Amer and I had no issue with plastic smell or taste. I actually really liked the stuff, I can't wait to try something of better quality, though. Sorry yours ended up the way it did. Where did ya order it from, outta curiosity? Mine was from The Frenchman