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  1. Welcome in this green valley, ciao.
  2. Now also you belong to this great famil y, welcome .
  3. Welcome in this green valley , ciao.
  4. it is undrinkable, my child has brought a bottle from Praga and it doesn't have anything to whether to see with the absinthe, it is to throw in the sewerage, it is a repugnant drink , ciao.
  5. Extremely sound advice. Ciao JosephMory, You follow the suggestion of Pan Buh and Absomphe, Hapsburg is not even good to make gargles if he/she doesn't want to be , well returned
  6. Welcome, you could not find best forum, good permanence. With the absinthe you have departed well, who knows where you will arrive , ciao.
  7. Welcome among us, you will find well certainly yourself , ciao.
  8. absinthist is my neighbor with authorization :D we must celebrate
  9. They perfectly agree on how much you say, true absinthe must contain the 3 essential herbes from you quoted, the other herbes, seeds or roots they personalize the distillate and to make him/it only otherwise absinthes would be all equal ones. Middly an absinthe contains from 5 to 12 herbes, ciao a tutti. how much writing imho
  10. I am not anymore now the "last arrival" , welcome in this green valley ciao.
  11. Ciao, Any problem, is the tone to rreassuring, we are among friends, ciao .
  12. It is not beautiful what it is beautiful but it is beautiful what likes. Non è bello ciò che è bello ma è bello ciò che piace. to everybody.