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  1. Thanks for the link Drinkboy! Very interesting. Hey Luchog, can you post somemore? Not much for the elaborate mixed drinks, especially with Absinthe. I prefer the traditional way of drinking it. I might try a mixed drink if it's simple enough - like Death in the Afternoon. Waiting for tomorrow night
  2. The First State - Delaware! Plus tax free shopping.
  3. Very interesting!! Will keep that in mind next time I order.
  4. If anyone is looking for some modern artwork of the green fairy, check out the following website: www.deviantart.com You can buy the picks in different sizes. You can also get coasters made with some pics. I actually had a mousepad made. Check it out.
  5. Thanks T73! Good info. I'll probably drink the PF the traditional way. I still may try the drink out of curiousity. I need to be put down and since I do not have a good woman to do it right now, I'm going to use the Absinthe. Take it Easy!!
  6. Has anyone tried this mixed drink?? I have two bottles of uopened PF1901. I want to open one and get plastered on New Year's Eve. Needless to say it's been a bad year. I am going to drink it the tradtional way, but also wanted to try something different. Let me know.
  7. Hello everyone, New to all of this and after bumming around this Forum as a guest, I decided to join. All of you have helped me out alot. Just wanted to introduce myself and tell all of you what experience I have had with absinthe. I heard about Absinthe in the early 90's through artist circles and always wanted to try it, but as you may know it was unavailable. A few months ago I picked up a magazine and there was an article describing what liquors you should have you bar stocked with and one was Sebor absinthe. So I had to find out what was going on in the States and in Europe. I performed some research on the net and found out that absinthe is having a resurgence due to the fact the EU lifted the ban. My dream had come true!! I could finally try the liquor I heard stories about when I was younger. The liquor great writers and artists drank and were inspired by. So in my haste I found a website and ordered 2 bottles which seemed reasonably priced. They were: Moulin Verte 68 and Strong 68. When I received them I was happy, but when I took my first taste, they were very bitter and strong, even with three sugar cubes. I thought, this can't be right. So I did a little more research. Thank God I found this site and another which contained some reviews!! I found out what I had bought received some poor reviews. So I decided to buy some more. Some absinthe that recieved good reviews. So I bought the Clandestine Charlotte and the Jade Edouard. I received them and couldn't wait to crack them open to try. After one taste of the Jade, I fell in love and was hooked. The Clandestine was also very good. All I found myself doing was looking for other absinthes to buy and try for comparison sake. To bad it is an expensive hobby. I found out that right after I bought the Edouard, the PF1901 was released. I thought to myself damn!! I have to but it. So I bought 2 bottles and haven't opened them yet. Maybe New Year's Eve. Well, that's it for now. Hope to see all of you around and thanks again for your help with this. I still have a lot of questions and hope all of you can help.