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  1. By the end of the month, I will have my bonus check and income tax check- 3/4's of which I need to pay my credit card off and start the vicious cycle over again. Anyway, I was going to purchase the Jade NO, VS, and Edouard, but I have been thinking about the Artemisia absinthe. I have the La Clandestine orginale and next to the Jade Edouard, it is one of my favorites. Was wondering if anyone has tried the La Capricieuse (increased alcohol content), the Recette Marianne (no Fennel which could be interesting), and the La Clandestine orginale made with the wine alcohol base. Should I dip or not dip and go with the Jades?
  2. Looks interesting!! but definitely garbage. Hey Nymph!! Can you please change your avatar? Being a single 37 year old male such as myself, - let me just say - your killing me!!
  3. Thanks T73, I've been looking for some glasses. Great price set of 6 for $43.00 with shipping. Less than $10 a glass. Awesome price. Only 4 sets left though!!
  4. Alright, So far I've tried the Jade PF1901, Edouard, Blanchette, the Kübler 53, CLB 53, and Montmartre. I'm going to order the Duplais's and the other 2 Jades at some point. Was wondering what some of you think about the new Brut d'alambic Essai 3 and the Un Emile Rouge. Are they worth ordering? So far my favorites from above are the Edouard and CLB 53. They are the only 2 I would probably buy again. Still, there's still a lot to try.
  5. Is the vendor using the mail again or a courier?? Just curious!! I'm awaiting an order from a vendor now whom I got a delivery from the Post Office about 2 weeks ago. I also want to order some from a different vendor, but if they use the mail that could be a little too much. Just do not want the Post Office to catch on. I got my bonus check and am buying 500 ml bottles to taste. The order I'm waiting on is the Blanchette, Kübler 53, and Monamartre. Once I get that, I want to order the Duplais 3 pk. and give that a shot. Anyone think that if I do this, the PO will catch on??
  6. This is a question for anyone, but mostly for the merchants and/or chemists in the forum. The question is about shipping temperature. I'm getting ready to place my fourth order in 2 months for some 50cL bottles to taste. They will be the Duplais, Monamarte, Blanchette, and Kübler 53. Anyway, right before Christmas I recieved my 2 bottles of PF1901. When I brought them into the house, the bottles felt cold and knowing that cold temperatures are not good for Absinthe, I decided to check it out. What I took notice to, was that the amount of Absinthe was equal to the base of the neck of the bottle. My first thought was that I was getting ripped off. I then thought of the temperature and decided to check it again after becoming room temperature. What I saw was that the content rose about a 1/2" in the bottle so along the way, it may have froze a little. I did not take notice to any difference in taste or anything unusual looking when poured into the glass. It was about 32 to 38F that day. Just wanted to know if anyone else has noticed this and whether or not is affects the taste or not. Like I said before, I am going to place an order and it is even colder here. I don't want anything to get ruined because of temperature.
  7. Hey Peridot, Thanks for the update on the Moulin Vert. I will probably just let it sit, and sit, and sit, and sit until I get ready to dump it. Knowing myself, I will probably dump it at some point along with the Strong 68 since I'm drinking better brands thanks to all of everyone's advice on this website.
  8. Geoff, Sorry you are disappointed. I'm new at this to and so far I've had the Edouard and the PF1901. I find them to be fine and some of the best I've tasted so far. My tastes have been limited though. My first 2 bottles were Moulin Vert 68 and Strong 68. I have about 5 open bottles right know. The Strong 68 needs 3 cubes of sugar for me to get it down and cut the bitterness. The Moulin Vert needs 2 cubes. The PF1901 and Edouard need 1 or none depending upon my mood. My favorite also needs 1 cube and that's the Clandestine La Blue Charlotte. You may want to try that next. It's not bad. I'm letting the Strong 68 and Moulin Vert age awhile and then give it a shot again. In the meantime I'll polish off 1 of the 2 bottles of PF1901. I'm planning on trying the Monamarte (not sure if spelled right), the Duplais Verte, The Jade NO, VS and Blanche. Probably get 50cl's to taste first. I really wish I could get some L'artisanille (not sure if spelled right), or Wormwood Blanche. I hear they are good as well. I guess tastes do vary quite a bit from person to person!!
  9. I received my bottles of Perique today. :D It is amazing. I love the taste and yes, there is just a hint of Amaretto sweetness. It is very very good. Congrats to Ted on another success! I'm certainly glad I bought 2 bottles.
  10. My P.O. usually leaves it at my front door step, which I don't like, but appreciate sometimes because I do not have to go and pick it up. I ordered 2 bottles of Perique from LDF about a week ago and still do not have them. I did get a delay notice in an email though. Hopefully I will get it at some point. I hope it comes soon! Real anxious to try it.
  11. Here is a link that has pages of a book from 1897 scanned in. It talks about the Perique tobacco. Just in case anyone is interested http://www.saveseeds.org/library/books/Tob..._leaf_1897.html
  12. I see Jade's new release is available from LDF. It is Perique a tobacco based liquor. Has anyone ever tried a tobacco based liquor? and if so how was it?
  13. Looking at the Absinthe in Science section and under the topis Thujone containing plants, it seems as though Sage may contain more Thujone than Wormwood. Then again I might be wrong. You may want to try Sage tea, but I recommend using the fresh plant and steeping the leaves yourself. I used to steep fresh Sage, Ginger, and sweeten it with natural honey. It was very good. I remember feeling very good after a glass - very relaxed. :D
  14. Sorry to bother everyone, but just curious about how many ounces the reserve in a Pontarlier glass holds? I believe 1 shot is 1.5 ounces. Just wondering how much absinthe everyone uses before addition of water? I tend to use 1 shot or half a shot, but the reserve in the Pontarlier glass looks like it holds more and when you add water it looks like it might be a 2:1 mix not 3:1 or 5:1. I guess it depends on each individuals taste.
  15. Well, Its been a very Happy New Year. In the evening I usually go out on the deck with a glass of my favorite single barrel Burbon and a cigar. Tonight I decided to give it a shot with my new found favorite - PF1901. I made a nice glass and had a CAO MX2 with it. Needless to say, it was pretty damn good! :D Can any of you smokers out there recommend another brand of cigar that might go good with Absinthe?
  16. Here is my fantasy: It is called "The Vision" by Shannon Hilson.
  17. Well, About 11:50pm Eastern time I broke open a bottle of PF1901. I made Death in the Afternoon. Simply Horrible!!!! I dumped it and ended up having 3 glasses the traditional way to open in 2007. There must be a trick. A specific absinthe that goes with a specific Champagne.