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  1. I do love single barrel Bourbon as well.
  2. Ten years ago I bought a bottle of Jade Edouard and it is still sealed in a cool dry place within my basement. It is getting harder and harder not to open it. Waiting for a special occasion but my other supplies are dwindling. I'm trying for another 10 years. Has anyone tried the other Combier offerings besides Jade liqueurs?
  3. I have a bottle of 2006 Edouard that I have in the basement with the wax still on the cork. So far, 7 years. Waiting until maybe 10 or as long as I can. Can't wait to open it now and see what happens.
  4. Hey guys, What ever happened to the Belle Amie Absinthe? I have some left, but is it made under another name? Any info would be great. Thanks,
  5. I've been away for awhile. I haven't kept up on the absinthes available in the US. I still have some Belle Ami and an unopened bottle of Jade Edouard from Sept. 2006. Can anyone suggest an absinthe available in the US? And do you feel the absinthes available in the US are better/worse than the European like the Jade line? gfpoet
  6. Just wondering if any of you could help me out with the age of some whiskey that someone gave me. They told me it is over 30 years old, but want to be sure. It is a bottle of Seagrams VO in a box. The only numbers I see at a quick glance is 0672 on the bottom of the bottle. Does anyone know what this means? I'm thinking it may mean June 1972, but not sure. Does anyone know for sure?
  7. Hey Bluescat, I enjoy the Angelique also. Maybe if we had a top 15....
  8. Wow, Tough call Here's mine: 1. Jade PF 1901 2. Belle Amie 3. Jade Edouard 4. Duplais Balance 5. La Clandestine Charlotte (wine based) 6. 1797 Roquette 7. Marteau 8. Duplais verte 9. Jade Verte Suisse 10. Jade Nouvelle Orleans I have not yet tried the Doubs Mystique.
  9. Well, I took the advice and bought some Asti which is sweet. So far I tried it with CLB wine base and it was pretty good. Now, I'm drinking it with the Marteau and it is incredible!! I guarantee if you use the Marteau you will not be disappointed. Thanks again Hiram! I used Sant'Orsola Asti. Next, I'm going to try Sant'Orsola Brachetto D'acqui (which is red with the La Maitresse Rouge. Thanks for all the advice everyone!!
  10. The Belle amie is Awesome!! Especially without the sugar just the way I like it. I'm definitely going to have to order another bottle and soon!!!
  11. I agree with T73. Go with what you mentioned earlier.
  12. Well, I just ordered a bottle of Belle Ami and a bottle of the new rouge which I'm looking forward to. Last month I tried the Mansinthe, the Marteau, the Angelique, and the 1797. All very good. I did find that the 1797 does not have much of a louche. The Marteau is very very good. The Angelique I find to be different, but very good as well. As you can see there isn't much I don't like. Maybe because of an untrained palate, I don't know. I'm sure I'll enjoy the Belle Ami and La Maitresse. Thanks,
  13. Anyone have any insider info with regard to the Belle Amie that LDF is offering?
  14. First off, looks like you had a great trip!!! I pulled the website off the sign in the photo: www.lamaisondupastis.com They actually have that custom verte on the website for sale and the site is also in English. Maybe I'll give it a shot.
  15. I'm headed out to Sacramento / San Fran area next week to visit a friend. Just wanted to know if any restaurant or bar at least served Lucid?? Also, is the Absinthe restaurant in San Fran any good??? Thanks for your help