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  1. The new Porished took a few listens for me to get into it, but I really like all of their stuff. And they're excellent Absinthe music.
  2. Hmm I wish I had thought to do THAT before I bought the thing. Ah well, I can still carry it to parties, good luck doing that handily with an absinthe fountain.
  3. I recently picked up a wine aerator - you know, the glass thing you dangle over your wineglass to pour red through to properly introduce oxygen to a freshly opened bottle. Well, I'm wondering if anyone has experimented with running their absinthes through one of these things.
  4. Tonight is an Ommegang Abbey Ale. I got it back in September? and finally got around to drinking it. It's great! Very strong fruity profile.
  5. Ok I've had what an absinthe frappe is explained to me. It's not milk and coffee and absinthe...an absinthe frappe sounds great.
  6. I'm a little more concerned about Ted's comments about "an absinthe frappe". On the ONE hand...that could be good, but I'm really not seeing that.
  7. Oh yeah I went to NYC btw...I had a BLAST. It was just...yes there were crowds, but they worked because people understood what they were doing and it all FLOWED right. So yeah I ate at a few places, trying to remember them...something called Junior's which my mother wanted because apparently their cheesecake is good enough to be recognized. It was good. For Thanksgiving meal we ate at a Thai place whose name eludes me...really wasn't that spectacular anyway. But I DID eat at a vegetarian restaurant with my folks called Zenith and WOW they did things with vegetable products that floored me, like stuff that had a very meaty consistency and an amazing flavor. My brother also dragged me to the Jekyl and Hyde theme restaurant...don't bother. That about sums up my eating experience. Thanks for all the advise, I did what I could. Seeing MoMa was definitely one of the best experiences...well that and finding this crazy hole in the wall role playing store
  8. Wow a new personal favorite: Absinthe and Rush - tonight, it's Balance and 2112.
  9. Home Base is around 44th St, I found out. Thanks for all the advise...Italian food sounds awesome.
  10. That's another thing: if someone knows of any good stores for liquors or wines, I'm bringing a nearly empty suitcase to buy clothes and liquor with
  11. Not really...I'm up for paying upwards to 60-80 bucks a meal for myself, although I'm much more interested in quality and novelty than price.
  12. I have always thought that mixing your alcohol with any energy drink is just stupid. Not only does it taste awful, just what are you doing mixing a downer with an upper? Did we learn NOTHING from Elvis?
  13. I'm going to be in New York, New York for the fist time over Thanksgiving. I'll be there for about 3 days...unfortunately I'll only have about a day to myself so I don't know if I could meet up with anyone unless it was brief...sorry. At any rate, some recommendations for where to eat/drink/get some good deals on some quality liquors would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.